How do you feel about people ignoring your texts/calls?

I've see this subject floating about here so lets try and get opinions. We all know mobile (cellular) phones are a must have in everyone's life these days, the convenience of contacting someone is so much easier than about 20 years ago (I know I'm old ha ha), where you had to rely on land line phones, telephone boxes and posting letters! Now due to the simplicity of mobile phones, let's say that you sent someone a text, would you expect a reply back? Would you expect a reply back in a day or 2? If someone doesn't reply back quick or at all, does it bug you? Are you bad at replying back or do you ignore? It would be interesting to get varied, honest opinions.

This also accounts for phone calls, if you went to someone's voice mail would you want a call back at least in a day? If someone ignored your calls and didn't call you back, would you be annoyed?
Thanks for the excellent responses, please keep them coming. It's funny, I text a friend from work after work as we planned to meet and she completely ignored my texts! Think she'll be treated the same back in return :)


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  • If it is just a friend I get annoyed but I assume they are busy. Friends that reply quickly to text get a lot of respect from me, as I am quick to reply myself... The ones that are always ignoring or take for ever to reply, I quickly distance my self from, seriously unless there is a good reason you should be easy to reach by text or calling.

    For girls I like, I kinda assume if a girl is doing it it is because she is not interested. If she does it but then acts totally diffrent when I am around her (like really interested or what not) I assume she is dishonest and probably playing with multiple guys. I say this cause I have seen a girl that usually ignores my calls ignore other guys calls when she is around me. So it hit me, she is probably doing the same thing to a lot of guys (my logic but works for me).

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  • Its downright rude and I have no time for ignorant people

  • If I call, send a text, leave a voice message, etc. I would expect at minimum text back in at least a day. It takes 15 seconds or less to let me know you got it and what's going on. If you can't call me back, just let me know and we can work out another time.

  • I would be annoyed.

    I have a friend like this. She keeps saying she has only just got the text, but when I'm around her she gets them fine.

    I told her flat out that I think that her phone works and that she just ignores my texts. She was upset by that, but still that's what I think.

    I don't answer her texts or calls anymore.

    • Well done! I do the same when people ignore mine, otherwise I never ignore or reply back late.

  • depends who and the content.

    business usually asap

    family...if my mom is just bugging me about something...ahhaha later jk

    but yea...i like to answer as soon as I get it.

    if I get ignored, maybe that person is busy.

  • I feel pissed and annoyed as if I'm not important.

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  • I was trying to ignore this question, but couldn't answer in doing so.

    Well played sir, well played

  • indifferent, mostly

  • I only get annoyed if I don't get a response after having indicated in a message that time is an important factor.

  • Used to it.

    Most of the times, its not because they have no interest in you.

    Usually they are...

    -Not at their phone

    -Forgot it

    -Lost it

    -No battery

    -In some loud place

    -Too busy eating, sleeping, tired, sad, not having a good day, lazy, talking with other friends...

    -Acting cool and playing games with you

    -Testing you

    -No signal


    Then there is...

    -Disinterested in you

    Too many paranoid people making wild accusations. I do it sometimes too. :X

  • pisses me off, especially if it's something serious.

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