Why do guys like foreign girls?

It seems like they like American girls just fine but when they find out a girl is a foreigner, or half foreign they get all excited like it's a novelty. (country doesn't seem to matter, different guys prefer different regions) Why is this? I'm referring to situations that they thought you were a regular American before but then they find out you have ties to another country


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  • Idk why but I don't care. I would turn down a nerdy American guy for a hot European or South American dude any day. the few American men I've dated don't know how to take care of there women. Expect me to take care of them finically because they have been 'burned' before. I think nt. the thing with forgiven guys is you gotta be top pick for them to wanna get with you. American guys are more forgiving with weight and clothing style (mostly because they don't take care of themselves very well either) But thankfully I go to the gym and stick to a strict diet so whatever American guys:P

    • I guess I missed a continent, Asia has the occasionally stud, but in order to pull with me they'd have to be in shape and outgoing. There accent isn't the sexiest but I wouldn't care if he was hott.

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  • The country doesn't really matter to much to me but I guess its a little different and unique but wouldn't convince me to want to be with her from that alone

  • Foreign women have an exotic (different/exclusive) appeal to a lot of guys. I like meeting foreign women to learn about their culture, its interesting. Also different manor and accents can be sexy.

  • The foreign accent by passes the ego and takes the man straight into a fantasy mode.

    Many foreign women have manners and possess culture. In the US she may be white but outside the US the woman is German Irish. More definition.

    Food in the US is contaminated so the people or fat and bodies are different.

    Their bodies are different, truly different.

    There is so much more to many foreign women there are still bad but in the US we are most likely exposed to the higher classed and privileged, better educated.

  • we always like rare pieces in our life not because they are different...they are rare..

    foriegn girls are rare in our lives...so its like they have a good hand chance of the proposal.


  • Perhaps they think they can meet a girl who can speak English with proper grammar, who knew the basic differences between words like 'to' & 'too'; 'their' & 'they're'; 'where' & 'were" etc., unlike most American girls.

  • Like cars... foreign ones are way better than the domestic craps :)

  • If the women below claim to like foreign guys more, then why are Asian guys shafted?

  • Very true. Guys like exotic women and American women are at times boring, unhealthy, not very interesting, care about ridiculous things, live vicariously through "reality" tv, uneducated (even if they went to college), not very cultured and ignorant in many ways. Foreign women have better minds, better culture, better style, and have their priorities in order as well.

  • American girls are just more shallow in general with the constant celeb chasing, Facebook/twitter/instagram updates, not being good to their family/friends, etc. Honestly, if you have ever visited where the foreign girl comes from, many times you have several generations of family in the same household. The girl just knows how to relate to people better. It just seems that many American girls are zombies with their smartphones and haven't a clue to how to interact with men. I feel sad for myself, and for many American girls, because they choose this lifestyle. Instead, I prefer the down-to-earth qualities that I find are more common in girls from abroad.

  • There are reasons why I date foreign girls:

    1. More attractive generally in the looks department. There are many cute American girls, but they pack on the weight like crazy. A lot of American women are overweight, whereas the European and Asian girls I've dated generally stay slimmer.

    2. Foreign girls generally aren't as crazy about feminism or a "I'm a bitch and proud of it" mindset which unfortunately a lot, if not a majority of even reasonably attractive American girls have. Even the ones that are bitchy per se often don't know how to flirt or call men creepy if they like them, etc. I've found most foreign girls to be pleasanter to interact with.

    3. The exotic factor in hearing a girl whisper something naughty with a cute accent or in a different language can't be discounted. Plus, a girl who is foreign and in the US has most likely done some traveling and is well-cultured.

    I've found a few good American girls, but by and large, due to our poor cultural training in how to turn young women into ladies, many American women have little to no interest to me, whereas as many foreign women do. I've dated plenty of foreign girls and lean that way in general. Hope this helps.


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  • Same reason girls in America like foreign guys(I personally don't).

    They're new, different, more attractive, are more content with being a gentleman or lady like etc

  • Lol same reason American girls prefer foreign guys. They're a lot hotter and more gentleman like.

  • I am Brazilian, and I get plenty of Americans wanting to Date me, But, brazilian men LOVE American Women! Go figure!

  • Same reasons why females like males who are exotic, it makes them more interesting.