Why do guys like foreign girls?

It seems like they like American girls just fine but when they find out a girl is a foreigner, or half foreign they get all excited like it's a novelty. (country doesn't seem to matter, different guys prefer different regions) Why is this? I'm referring to situations that they thought you were a regular American before but then they find out you have ties to another country


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  • Idk why but I don't care. I would turn down a nerdy American guy for a hot European or South American dude any day. the few American men I've dated don't know how to take care of there women. Expect me to take care of them finically because they have been 'burned' before. I think nt. the thing with forgiven guys is you gotta be top pick for them to wanna get with you. American guys are more forgiving with weight and clothing style (mostly because they don't take care of themselves very well either) But thankfully I go to the gym and stick to a strict diet so whatever American guys:P

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      I guess I missed a continent, Asia has the occasionally stud, but in order to pull with me they'd have to be in shape and outgoing. There accent isn't the sexiest but I wouldn't care if he was hott.