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What does the question " would you do him" mean?

does it mean will I have sex with him full stop or do I like him?

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  • It means do you like him enough to have sex with him as he is right now. For many people this is the first exclusion criteria when looking for a significant other

    • Thanks for BA :)

    • Ted always knows :')

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  • S



  • It simply means will you have sex with him. Generally when that's asked its mostly if not purely based on aesthetics. Just an initial snap decision gauging your attraction to someone.

  • Means Chess. Would you play him in a game of Chess.

  • 8----D + ( V ) + ? = "Would you do him?"

  • yes, means screwing the guy. girls talk naughty like this.'

    Some girls even tell each other. "Is he F***able girlfriend?"

  • Sex. A woman knows within 30 seconds of meeting a guy if he has any chance at all to hit.

    • LOL I've heard 5 mins...

      But then again, when it comes to sex, it's easier to change a woman's minds than it is for men... Actually, it's A GUY that will decide within 30 seconds if a chick has any chance at all ;)

      Because as we all know, for men, we are "visually driven" whereas women are not so much :P

    • Lol. For guys, I agree. It's funny because there is this split second reaction and you know deep down almost immediately. It's kinda shallow but also kinda true.

  • Means sex.

  • It means sex.

  • They want to know if you'd f*** them, simple as that.

  • Instant sex.

  • "DO" in this sense is a euphemism for "f***" or "have sex" or "have intercourse" or "fornicate with" or "make love to" or "sleep with" or "screw" etc etc I am sure you get the point.

  • That means would do them. Not I would date them. I think it could even be used to say despite a flaw they are still worthy of a one time horizontal hokey pokey.

    Guy one "Man, that girl has a weird looking ass... and cankles"

    Guy 2 "I would still do her"

    One persons deal breaker may not be another's

    Thanks for the question.

  • it means would you f*ck him. would you do me?

    • haha I dunno

  • totally asking do you like him enough to do him or not that much

  • The moment someone attractive walks past and if I'm stood with a friend who knows me really well, it's funny because I just have to say "...yep." and he's like "you would, you'd go there?" understands me straight away :)

  • p.s. it's called urbandictionary.com

  • Sex

  • Yes, it does mean if you would have sex with him, but it's also more of a "do you find him attractive" question.

  • It means will you have sex with him.

  • It means the garbage stinks and it is time to take it out ...wink wink

What Girls Said 4

  • In my eyes "would you do him", means "would you have sex with him?"

    Nothing about liking him, just sexual attraction or just wanting sex with the person.

  • Would you like to have intercourse with him

  • sex

  • Usually means do you think he's hot enough to bang.

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