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Girls do you wash your Butt when you shower?

Do you soap up and wash between your Butt cheeks when you shower or is this just a guy thing?

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  • Yes I do. omg I feel like you're masturbating to this...

    • he probably is. how do you feel about that?

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  • yes! and I hope every girls does!

  • Haha. Yes.

  • Umm yeah I wash everywhere. XD

  • Hahahah made my day!Of course we do xD Please please answer this!What made you think girls don't do that?

    • Touching inside your butt crack to wash just doesn't seem lady like.

    • Having it dirty isn't ladylike either. lol

  • you know it's just a butt, I think this is a good question! lol. I will go in full detail because I love talking about my butt, I soap the front first, them with the leftover soap I wash the bung hole as palek calls it, just as I do when I use the toliet (with toliet paper). YAY:D

    • Does it feel good when you clean there? ;)

  • Hahahahahahahahaha!

    Uh, DUH! Omg! Hahaha!

    • Yes?

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