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My boyfriend said I love you then he freaked out and took it back

My boyfriend and I were talking and I said to him "you do so much for me" then he replied "because I love you" then he started freaking out and was... Show More

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  • was it the first "I love you" in your relationship?it could be the whole stigma about saying it too early scaring the other person off.the laughing part may have ment he relized you were not upset with him saying I love you.hum... you can say you were just surprised and that it's okay for him to say I love you. how do you feel about saying I love you to him?

    • Yes it was the first time and I do love him but I haven't told him.

    • maybe when the time is right you can say it back to him. or even just tell him you enjoyed hearing him say I love you it just took you by surprise.

    • thanks for best answer. did everything turn out okay?

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  • First, that's pretty awesome.Secondly, he's all "giddy" and "nervous".ALT VERSION:Language mismatch, if the man said "You do so much for me because I love you" this is incorrect. So in essence he wasn't taking back that he loves you, or rather, part of the message, but instead the whole message, that you do things BECAUSE he loves you. I like the first version. It's cuter.

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