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Flirty Snapchat ideas to send a guy?

Idea on funny or cute things to send besides the same old selfies over and over. (And no, not nudes either).

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  • link A Handstand in a skirt/dress.

    link You in a skirt/dress on a bike.

    link Playfully lifting your dress/skirt

What Guys Said 9

  • Old cartoon panels with romantic or funny scenes..! Maybe Betty Boop, Krazy Kat..

  • Swimsuit pics are always cute, you being doll'd up in a cute outfit...those never fail for me!

    • Change in scenery (outdoors somewhere, on the streets, etc.), use of props (stuffed animals, drink bottles, pieces of his clothing and accessories such as hats ties or watches ) and changes in outfits keeps things fresh. :)

  • Nude pics

    • c, this guys a genius you shud listen to him

    • Thank you sir

  • anything almost nude is good to send

  • Barefoot in a sundress holding a flower in a field if you can manage.

  • Wear something that shows a little cleavage, maybe with you biting your lip and looking innocent. Or have a bra strap hanging off your shoulder while biting the tip of your index finger.

  • Guys always appreciate pictures that shows the body, or the perfectness of your figure.

  • if you have a brother or sister, get them to take a selfie of themselves, then send it.

What Girls Said 2

  • something fun you are doing/ an interesting place you are at.

  • Tease him, text him that your sending a nude and send something else lol

    • You're***

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