Received a sexy snapchat this morning from him - Will this turn him on in return? Any other ideas?

A guy I am dating sent me a snap chat early this morning of him in just his boxers and in the message he said now it's your turn.

I want to keep it playful and not over do it but really get him turned on. My idea:

Snapchat #1 - I'll send a picture of me with my tank top pushed up a bit exposing my stomach then show that I'm about to unbutton my jeans and say "I could use some help..."

Snapchat #2 - Take the tank off (leave bra on) and have my jeans unbuttoned and unzipped showing my panties

Snapchat #3 - Turn around with my back to the mirror then take my bra off and pull my thong out of my pants so it exposes on the back side above my jeans a bit then say ooopsie.

Snapchat #4 - Will be me fully clothed saying oh darn my camera quit working now I'm off to the gym.

Is that sexy enough? I feel like those are pics that are flirty but not over doing it. I don't feel comfortable going all the way. etc.

Guys would you like this? Thoughts? Will it make him want me?


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  • #3 - As long as you've got your boobs covered in the reflection. ;-)


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  • I think it would be super hot! Especially number two.

    Sexy pics like that are always the best when you're not completely nude. Just very suggestive

  • Yes guys love that stuff!

  • he should be turned on. Although don't do snapchat number 4. Personally I think you should go for number 3

    • I plan to do all 4 in a row. One right after another. He will only have 6 secs to view each picture before they are gone. I'm trying to keep it fun.

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