What do girls think about getting love letters?

what do girls this day and age think about receiving a handwritten letter in the mail from a guy --that's kind of like a love letter?


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  • I think it is really cute :D I would love it. its like a highlihgt of the day. It would make her smile and she would probably really appreciate it :D


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  • i think it was from a guy who knew how much I cared about him it would be amazing. if however I didn't really know or like the guy I would be a little put off as I think in this day and age love letters are something so intimate and powerful and really should be used appropriately. I think if my boyfriend did that (not in a million years lol he's not very good with expressing his emotions on paper) I would be so so so touched as I'd know how much courage it'd take him to write it. I wrote a note for my boyfriend right at the beginning of our relationship, two years ago, telling him about my night and what I wanted to order for food, drew little pictures, gave it to a friend to pass onto him (we lived in college dorms) and he's kept it in his wallet ever since. If something like that could mean something to a guy, especially my boyfriend then think what a proper hand written love letter could do to a girl! My tip would be to use it at the right time, not out of the blue but let it serve a purpose whether she's going away on holiday, going through a bad time, or deciding on the next step of your relationship. I really hope you do it!

  • I think that is beautiful! Such an incredible gesture to take the time to hand-write your personal sentiments of another. Something so romantic of such an overture. Speaks to a formality in the traditional courting process whereby a man would declare his intentions in writing before pursuing a woman. *Sigh.

    I would love to receive such a thing. As a woman... I would be flattered and deeply touched if a man took the time to do such a thing for me.

    However, be prepared for her not to reciprocate your sentiments if she isn't aware of them already.

  • yes of course. I would love to get a handwrittne loveletter frommy boyfriend but he hasn't sent me one :-( I would love that. it's one of the most romantic things a guy can do for a girl I think-i'm more sentimental than my peers so I absolutely would love this idea. it might depend on the girl though

  • Id personally LOVE that

    its a way for a guy to really express his feeling specialy if he's shy

    im shy and talking in person with my crush is really hard and I feel I can't say all I want to say

    but in a letter your can fit everything you want and not hav the weird awkward face to face if they don't like you

  • That would be so sweet and romantic! Most people these days either email or text how they feel these days, and I find that to be not very personal. A handwritten letter is more intimate and thoughtful, because it shows that a person took the time to actually put their heart and soul into explaining how they feel. It's also unique because it is considered old-fashioned. If I received a handwritten love letter myself, I would melt! Lols.

  • REGARDLESS on weather she likes you or not, women LOVE love letters :P the reason is because they feel important. I mean ANYONE can give roses but in a letter it is "from the heart" or at least it should be and also its evidence that the person giving it REALLY cares because not many guys will sit there and write a letter to their wives much less a girlfriend. ya know?

  • too bad there isn't more guys like you...i wish I could find a guy that would write me love letters and was a total romantic! She will love it, no matter if it's love gushing, or corny...

  • That is so romantic...If only, I could only dream...

  • I would think that really romantic.. the fact that he took his time to write a love letter =D


  • I would absolutely love one! It is so reassuring that the guy would take the time to write a letter expressing how he feels to me. I know this question has been out a while, but I just hope that guys will read the responses to your question and see how much we would love it!


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  • Okey you can get your guns out now. I can take it..

    Don't ever , ever write a letter to a girl who's in a relationship.

    I was waffling on about how much weight she's lost due to the stress of a project, and mentioned two other things (in man world I thought I was being compassionate) and then I notice that she was wiping her eyes a bit. Went home and ran it past my daughter who said I was extremely rude.

    You can open fire now.

    But, In the early hours I woke up with the genius plan to write her a letter and post it :D

    She continued to SMS through the weekend, as I counted minutes till that letter would arrive :/

    I said you were cold but your the warmest, commented about your figure but your perfect and wanderfull etc etc so sorry. . .

    Monday, I got: thank you for your letter, honestly, really don't mind you and that was it . Thank you for your honesty and then

    Nothing more, no more sms's, nought. Does any body know how hard that was to write to begin with?

    I've also let it go except for a follow up email that it was honestly meant as an apology and encouragement but just not like that (really true).

    I did like her friendship though, and had no intension of "moving in".

    The silence is deafening and I just think she hates me right now:(

    Game over