Can lust turn into love?

Most girls have sex with a guys because they feel love there and most guys don't have to be in love with a female to have sex .It's normal,I know but when does it get to the point where the lust turns into actual feeling?

I haven't had sex with him.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Lust doesn't turn in to love. Having sex with a guy because you think you love him is a big mistake until you can see that he really wants to know you not just on a sexual level but that he likes you as a person. One easy way of figuring that out is not to have sex too soon. A guy who keeps asking you out and wanting to do things with you even when the two of you are not having sex, well that is a guy who is in to you and if you are doing that for several months or say, 5, 6, 7 dates over a period of time (not just running in to each other but real dates where he asks and you accept) you can be pretty sure he likes you beyond the possibility of sex.

    Also, does he pay attention to things you say. For instance, does he remember details you have mentioned or does he constantly seem to forget things you talk about. Does he respect you when you say no to something or does he try to bully you into something. It could be about an activity you are going to do or it could be about sex, but a guy who genuinely cares about you is not going to risk losing you by being a bully.

    So, a guy who only sees you as a potential sex partner will never turn his feelings of lust for you in to love no matter what you do. And girls that jump into bed with a guy thinking it is the only way to hold his attention will soon find out that it doesn't hold his attention at all, he enjoys the sex and but then relegates that girl to booty call status. A lot of women have the wrong impression that sex is the way to a man's heart and that men want sex so bad that surely they will want to keep you. But the reality is guys are pretty well equipped to do without a sex partner. They have to be or they would go crazy during those times they are not in a relationship. The sexual act itself lasts only so long and most of their time is spent on other activities anyways, so sex will not cause them to want to stay with you.