How can I tell if my boyfriend is cheating on me?

How can I tell if my boyfriend is cheating on me without asking him straight out because I know he would never admit it unless I had some hard evidence in my hands?

We had been together for 4 months when I found out that when we were first starting to date that he was still sleeping with other girls but I didn't confront him but now I am not sure if he is still doing it or not or when it stopped?

Why do guys cheat on girls if they tell her they love her and get everything that they want from her?

What should I do?


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  • When you are first dating and a guy is still having sex with other girls, though not great, it can happen. Once a guy tells you he loves you and is having sex with you, he should not be having sex with anyone else.

    Guys take time to figure out how they feel about a girl and may think they are just dating and having fun and think nothing of having sex with another woman, because, well, they have no idea they are going to fall in love with you.

    I had an ex-boyfriend who ended up feeling guilty about doing the same thing and he did actually lie to me about going to see friends for the weekend when he was actually seeing a girl who was coming in to town to see him. He told me all about it before he actually told me he loved me. It was a step in his process of walking towards a relationship with me. I thought it was funny as we were not exclusive at that time and he was not my boyfriend when he did it and he ended up feeling so damn guilty about it later.

    Overall I doubt you will ever get the hard evidence to know the truth. As you recognize he isn't going to tell you. So, all you can do is move forward and keep your eyes out for future infidelity. Hopefully you can find a way to put the past out of your mind or it will cause you problems.

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      Wow boyfriend/girlfriend rules here, who made those? what will you do to make anyone with a slutty behavior follow these rules? what will you do when they won't follow them no matter how you cry and beg?

      my saying is, if you have to question their behavior then you're just starting the suffering, the question asker doesn't deserve this crap.

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      Actually in a perfect world we could have any combination of relationship, friendship, sex, work, etc. without drama, that way a much broader band of situations can be accounted for...

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      Sorry, but that is the description of a boring world. No drama means no emotions. No emotions to cause "drama" means also no emotions to give you the thrills and highs you get from them too. Oh, well, interesting but not my idea of a perfect world.