Why do guys block girls who tell them they like them? I thought guys wanted girls to be honest and direct?

I just told I guy I liked him and still wanted to be friends (sent in a message to him on Facebook) and then he blocks me! What the heck?! Will someone please tell me what the heck is going on?! What is up with this dude? When I first communicated with him in getting to know him he seemed like a very nice guy and he even messaged me and was saying how “we should definitely catch up” as friends I am guessing and a few weeks later he sends another message that says: “Catch you in 3 weeks after exams, wish me luck!”.Well these messages occurred in November and December of last year. He’s overseas going to school so he doesn’t go on Facebook as much but when he did, he used to communicate a little. I don’t get it, does he think I am distracting him or something? I would send him some nice comments and a cool music video? I also told him that I wasn’t sure if he was interested in or seeing someone else? Can anyone help me?


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1- Guys like the chase more then the capture.

    2- You could have been a bit more conservative and let him make more of the plays

    3- Not honest and direct, but never not a lier and somewhat direct

    Overall the dude is a d***, let him go and find a better man