How long does lust last?

- if left unfulfilled ? Do yo think lust just fade away or simly waits for the opportunity to strike

- in a relationship? Do lust ultimately fae away? Or do you believe that great relationship must be made of lust and love combined ?


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  • im actually in the position where I don't know if I lust him or love him, we werent in a relationship and didn't date but we were friends in school and got to know each other, and I haven't been able to like any other guy since and its been years, and I fell in love with his personality we couldn't be together because of religion, so it never went anywhere but I think we both had lust for each other...i don't know I mean I'm attracted to him but I love his personality more though and I see him as a potential partner. so I feel like I am in love esp since its been so long and I never got over him. he was my first love.

    basically if it is lust, I think it does fade you get over them and find someone else who is equally as attractive.

    if its love, you never forget them and your feelings don't change about them because youve gotten to know them as a person and its too late you're attached to them.


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  • Like sunmonster said, if you are referring to infatuation, anywhere between three to six months. If the relationship is long term, those blissful honeymoon feelins will last approximately two to two and a half years. If the couple gets married or just stays together, those blissful feelings be up and down through the years.

    However, if you are talking about sexual lust, if it goes unfulfilled, but more importantly if it goes uncontrolled, it could consume you.

  • By lust, I assume you mean the infatuation phase. About 6 months


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  • depends!

  • Until boredom rushes in which is subjective.