Does it mean he likes her?

When a guy calls a women "dear" what does it mean ? does it mean he likes her or does it mean that he is just addressing her in that way just wondering

will write more later today thanks for your answers


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  • I call most female friends dear. I only call people I am close to sweety. And I only call people I like honey or things like that so I'm kind of complicated.

    Does he flirt with you a lot? Does he flirt with everybody?

    I flirt with everybody so I think when I call them dear it is a continuation of flirting, but for others I think that it would be because they like you.

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      He flirts with me a lot and as far as I know he doesn't flirt with other people

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      Well that is good. I think you should go for it, the worst that can happen is he can't handle the commitment.

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      Thanks yeah the worst that can happen is that he can't handle it