Does it mean he likes her?

When a guy calls a women "dear" what does it mean ? does it mean he likes her or does it mean that he is just addressing her in that way just wondering

will write more later today thanks for your answers


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  • I call most female friends dear. I only call people I am close to sweety. And I only call people I like honey or things like that so I'm kind of complicated.

    Does he flirt with you a lot? Does he flirt with everybody?

    I flirt with everybody so I think when I call them dear it is a continuation of flirting, but for others I think that it would be because they like you.

    • He flirts with me a lot and as far as I know he doesn't flirt with other people

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    • Well that is good. I think you should go for it, the worst that can happen is he can't handle the commitment.

    • Thanks yeah the worst that can happen is that he can't handle it

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  • It could be along the same lines as a girl calling a guy she is not romantically attracted to "hun" or "sweetie?" That's one guess. But does he only call you "dear?" Or does he call more than one girl "dear?"


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  • For some guys, it's a "petname" and others its just their personality. I have a guy at work who calls all the girls "dear" or "honey" and that's just the way he is. It'd be different if he was just calling me dear, then I'd have to set some boundaries he obviously don't know exist. But if he's calling just YOU dear, then maybe he does like you.

  • Depends on the guy. If he calls other women by "dear" or something besides their name, then probably no, but if you're the only one, then it could possibly be something more. But then, he might have just forgotten your name! I'd look into it though.

  • it can mean many things

    he might trying to be polite

    it better then a guy saying yo little mama

    i hate that.

    • Yeah you little mama or hey babe or baby which ever way they say it it makes me feel like they don't really want to get to know me or what my real name is he knows me and knows what my name is and everything

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