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Boyfriend is leaving me alone for the holidays?

We are together for 2 years now, he told me he will spend Christmas with his family and new years skiing with the boys. Is he not interested in me at... Show More

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  • Seems a bit thoughtless, My girlfriends brothers and sisters came back from University and their work abroad for the holidays, she and I did have plans but I asked her if she still wanted to meet up or have time with her family... She picked her family, which is OK with me since I know it'll have been ages since she seen them especially since they live a good bit away! So I'd understand the family bit, but usually I put my girlfriend ahead of my friends... I don't follow that whole bros before ho's crap, especially since I'd not even consider referring my girlfriend to the latter... But I mean, good friends would understand that your girlfriend would want to see you at Christmas surely? I mean my best friends all did... I think it's the draw of friends and fun he's after, I'd not say he doesn't like you but he might be a tiny bit selfish, no?

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  • Maybe it's one of those things he needs to be with (family). This year I couldn't spend time with my Girlfriend for Christmas because of her family, so don't feel left out!

  • Why didn't you go with him? Maybe he just needs time away from everything including you. If it was just you two together for Xmas and knew his whole family would be home, he would surely go to his family. Nothing against you, but family usually trumps even a long time girlfriend. Did he offer to bring you Along?

    • No, he didn't. He didn't even said something like "I feel so bad, but I need to be away for the holidays, blah-blah-blah.." he just told me what he is doing and let me deal with it however I want>>((

  • If he truly loves you, he would ask you to come along.

  • My girlfriend is also leaving me to stay with her family but at least she did invite me to go but I just can't go. but this has been going on for 3 years now. I just got invited to go for a new year eve party a bit far away from where I live so I am not spending new year with her and she is very upset now ! but I am going anyway what is fair its fair. I would stay with her if she would stay with me. thats life! find a party to go and enjoy!!

  • So... maybe make some plans for yourself on Christmas. I'm not religious, but I have gone to church services on Christmas just to get out and be with people.

  • Yeah, it's obvious that if he wants a week with family and friends that he doesn't love you.

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  • I had this dilema with my partner of almost two years now as well... He was going to go away for 3 weeks for the holidays to New Zealand. He did ask me to come but I just couldn't afford it. Last Christmas he went as well... Maybe this was wrong of me but I gave him a choice either we make a compromise about the holidays or I will make a very strong choice when he came back... The end result was that we went to Mexico for a week and now he is going to New Zealand for two... We have had a very rocky year together and I had stuck by him. If your boyfriend often does what he wants without considering you then you need to re think this relationship. If he is attentive to your needs and treats you how you should be treated he would want you to come to Christmas at least with his family... The skiing sure let him have some alone time it is necessary in a good relationship... Missing each other is healthy... But if he goes to the family without you and then skiing he doesn't sound like a partner but very selfish and you will never be happy with that... You should also ask him straight out do you need time away from me? In a relationship you can ask as many questions as you need and if he loves you and supports you and wants what is best for you he will answer.

  • I think that is and isn't right. If you and him have been together for 2 years, he should of at least made plans to do something with you on such great holidays. I think that maybe he wants to spend sometime alone. Some people when they get in a long relationship and it's been awhile like to spend time with friends and family without their girlfriend/boyfriend because they say it makes love grow stronger. Let the holidays pass and if he pays more attention to you then maybe he did just want time for himself. Just for that too, you should make plans with your girls too.

  • just because he's spending time with family doeesn't mean that he doesn't love you.

  • If you've been together for two years he should have at least invited you to the family Christmas. You can't always be together and that is true but on special occasions you should and it shouldn't have to be a burden. Honestly it sounds like he may not be too serious or takes you for granted.

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