Boyfriend is leaving me alone for the holidays?

We are together for 2 years now, he told me he will spend Christmas with his family and new years skiing with the boys. Is he not interested in me at... Show More

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  • Seems a bit thoughtless, My girlfriends brothers and sisters came back from University and their work abroad for the holidays, she and I did have plans but I asked her if she still wanted to meet up or have time with her family... She picked her family, which is OK with me since I know it'll have been ages since she seen them especially since they live a good bit away! So I'd understand the family bit, but usually I put my girlfriend ahead of my friends... I don't follow that whole bros before ho's crap, especially since I'd not even consider referring my girlfriend to the latter... But I mean, good friends would understand that your girlfriend would want to see you at Christmas surely? I mean my best friends all did... I think it's the draw of friends and fun he's after, I'd not say he doesn't like you but he might be a tiny bit selfish, no?