Boyfriend spends more time with his friends than me!

I'm the definition of a laid back girlfriend, I completely trust my boyfriend, encourage him to hang out with his friends, we never fight and I'm not... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • Hey, yeah I know how you feel..

    I've just broken up from a 3 year relationship because my boyfriends relationship with his friends became to intense and I was too much of a hassle compared to his friends.

    I was like you, as laid back as possible.

    Not demanding or anything,

    The mistake I made was not telling him how I felt about his friends,

    Obviously I can see why you'd want to see him more..

    So the best I can say from experience is just to talk to him about it.

    Discuss the possibility of maybe how he could balance the week between you and his friends..

    You won't get anywhere without talking to him though.

    Hope that helped a little.

    • I know exactly how you feel I'm in the exact situation right now. its so confusing because you don't want to break off a relationship that you put so much time and effort and but I would say talk 2 him and ask him upfront do you want to be with me and and do you want this relationship 2 work. if he says yes give him an ultimatum if he can't give that same effort he puts in 2 spendin time with friends 2 you den that means your clearly not of a great importance 2 him because its not fair your puttin effort and n he's not.