Do guys really like thick thighs?

**First I'd like to clarify, I mean thick, not fat**

I'm starting to hear it in songs a lot where the guy says he likes a thin waist with hips and thick thighs. I've heard guy friends say it too that they don't like little thighs on a girl. I always thought they did! My natural body shape is small on top, bigger on bottom. I have tiny arms, stomach waist, etc. (Although I have C boobs). But on the bottom, I definitely have big hips and thighs, but then my calves are small again.

I've worked out since puberty trying to make my thighs smaller and I'm realizing this is just the way they are. Toned but thick lol Is it true though, that guys really like them? Or do they not?

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  • LOVE thick thighs! :D. I find them extremely attractive especially when they touch, plus if a women is naturally meant to have thicker thighs than it is much healthier for her.

    Something like this is hot!




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      the first and last links don't work and the second girls looks fat.

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      And I thought my thighs were big.

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      @koko124 that's racist 😑😑😑