Do guys really like thick thighs?

**First I'd like to clarify, I mean thick, not fat**

I'm starting to hear it in songs a lot where the guy says he likes a thin waist with hips and thick thighs. I've heard guy friends say it too that they don't like little thighs on a girl. I always thought they did! My natural body shape is small on top, bigger on bottom. I have tiny arms, stomach waist, etc. (Although I have C boobs). But on the bottom, I definitely have big hips and thighs, but then my calves are small again.

I've worked out since puberty trying to make my thighs smaller and I'm realizing this is just the way they are. Toned but thick lol Is it true though, that guys really like them? Or do they not?

  • I prefer thick thighs
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  • I prefer thin thighs
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  • LOVE thick thighs! :D. I find them extremely attractive especially when they touch, plus if a women is naturally meant to have thicker thighs than it is much healthier for her.

    Something like this is hot!




    • the first and last links don't work and the second girls looks fat.

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    • And I thought my thighs were big.

    • @koko124 that's racist 😑😑😑

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  • Like any physical trait, you'll find some guys who like them, some who hate them, and many who don't care much either way.

    Women tend to gain and carry weight on their hips and thighs, while men tend to carry weight around their stomachs, but of course, genetics will cause a wide range of variation. And likewise, different men will find different things attractive. Some men want only big boobs, and some want only small boobs, and some don't care. Other men only care about the butt (some big, some small, etc.). And still others focus on other body parts.

    But all of that is just *initial* attraction. Once a guy gets to know you, your individual body parts become much less important, no matter if they are attractive to him or not.

  • Yeah, thick thighs all the way. There's just something sexy about filled out shaped thighs that wins hands down. In fact I genuinely look at it as an aesthetic thing, flat stomach with thick, muscly, toned thighs just screams sexy in the same way that a guy with big thick arms and a slim waist probably would to a woman I guess. Not everyone is the same though, some girls prefer skinny guys without thick arms just as some guys prefer skinny girls without thick legs. It all comes down to personal preference but in general thick thighs and slim waist convey a sexual aesthetic image and most guy's go for this just as most girls would go for an aesthetic sexually conveyed guy with thick arms and a slim waist.

    All the girls I've dated have had rather thin thighs though (by chance) but it certainly hasn't put me off because thighs aren't and shouldn't be the determining factor in whether you really like someone, unless you're superficial.

  • I should start out saying, guys are instinctively attracted to

    - wide hips = good for child birth

    - sufficient breast for milk for the children (yours are great)

    - overall fitness for keeping up with the nomadic group when traveling.

    you know that if you exercise a region a lot it builds muscle there, bulking you up in that location. Why do you think athletes who ride bikes have thick thighs?

    If you want to loose fat deposits the exercise you need to do is cardiovascular, getting your heart rate and breathing up. To help ensure your muscles are long and thin but strong and flexible stuff like yoga and pilates is excellent. I think it's Pilates that increases your heart rate and breathing enough to incorporate cardiovascular, with the strength exercises while stretching for flexibility and long thin muscles. Whereas yoga typically doesn't quite get your heart rate as high, but yoga also helps with mental stresses

    If you want more of an hourglass figure, perhaps try some upper body specific exercises to build some bulk up top. Not too much or you'll look like a guy.

    As for my personal preference, I find that girls with stick legs and have too many bones sticking out all over the place in general, which is quite painful when you're in the bedroom.

  • I do prefer some size to them, yes.

  • I prefer thin thighs but there are plenty of gorgeous women with thick thighs that I just can't get enough of. I wouldn't even bother worrying about it, there is no true black and white in this area. There are plenty of guys who like either or both so I think you'll be fine regardless of how your thighs like. Just embrace what yo momma gave you!

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  • It's really not about race more like the taste the men have. I understand your issue I'm small on top thick in thighs and small from then on. A lot of guys like thick and some like thin you just gotta find the right person who makes you feel like you feel like yourself and that you can be you. He is out there somewhere you just gotta work to find him! :)

  • I read a study that said hungry men and men who feel unstable about their financial status prefer thicker girls, probably because they would "survive a famine" better. don't know if it's true but... Fat guys are always hungry (due to blood sugar levels etc.) and tend to like fat/thick women. Black men have traditionally been opressed/the poor part of population and they generally prefer thicker women. Where I come from it can be quite clearly distinguished that the better off people are skinnier than the average/poor people. So...

    P. S. In general I think guys care a lot less about it than girls do. Guys don't like to make it complicated, us girls do. WE are the ones secondguessing ourselves. And honestly, I think we put them off way more by acting manly than we do by showing them our thick thighs...

  • I think guys do like girls with big thighsbuyt on the other hand u have big thigh problemso and it would be nice to walk with a gap

  • Fat? No, its not called "fat" she's THICK guys. And if your one of those scronny model looking girls... Your nastayyyy 😂 sorry but that women uo there is bomb 💣

    • 3mo

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