Do guys really like thick thighs?

**First I'd like to clarify, I mean thick, not fat** I'm starting to hear it in songs a lot where the guy says he likes a thin waist with hips and thick thighs. I've heard guy friends say it too that they don't like little thighs on a girl. I always thought they did! My natural body shape is small... Show More

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  • LOVE thick thighs! :D. I find them extremely attractive especially when they touch, plus if a women is naturally meant to have thicker thighs than it is much healthier for her.

    Something like this is hot!




    • the first and last links don't work and the second girls looks fat.

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    • I think it's fat too, but I also think that's the kind of body that a lot of black guys would like.

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      And I thought my thighs were big.