Why Do Guys Have an Adam's Apple?

I once had a girlfriend who was very shy when it comes to sex. Her shyness was not about the act of sex but she had hard time talking about it. I have to admit that this approach of hers made me more curious.

One day, I asked her if there is anything particular in men that turns her on. She was again shy for a moment and then immediately she told me that she was an apple fetishist. It was my first year in the USA and my English was not very good at that time. Noticing my astonishment she pointed my throat and touched that obscure lump that I never thought I should take a look at it before going out for the night.

Gogus olculeri

She said, she did not know why but a man with a beautiful Adam's apple can turn her head and made her look at him more carefully. I examined my Adam's apple with my fingers. So, there were beautiful and not so beautiful Adam's apples in this world.

I had two questions in my mind at that point: What makes an Adam's apple beautiful, and whether I had one of those beautiful ones. She had no answer for the first question. Her answer for the second question was a question itself. "Why do you think I accepted your offer for a coffee in the beginning?"

I was relieved. I could comfortably start my research on Adam's Apple. Why do men have an Adam's apple? There is not a definitive answer to this question. In fact, not all men have Adam's apples. That is to say that it is not so much visible. And to make thing more complicated, some women have an Adam's apple very much visible too. The Adam's apple is actually the cartilage that surrounds the human "voice box", the larynx.

Both men and women have it but it is more prominent in men than in women. Some say that the reason for this visual difference comes from the angle that the two cartilages meet at the throat. The angle in men's throat is close to 900 whereas in women it is close to 1200. However, this does not explain why some women have Adam's apple visible as in men.

How about the word itself, what is the etymological mystery behind my cartilage lump? Why is it called Adam's apple? Well, guess what, it is another biblical reference. According to the story from the Book of Genesis, Adam had had the bitter taste of the "forbidden fruit" which was handed to him by Eve.

"Both men and women have it, but more prominent in men."

Popularly, the fruit has been identified as an apple (while some others say that it could be grapes, pomegranate, or figs). Whatever the fruit was, it was forbidden and a piece of it got stuck in Adam's throat. He probably got astonished and choked. Maybe that is why even today when a man is surprised his Adam's apple moves up and down. Gulp! This is the myth behind the Apple's apple.

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What Girls Said 11

  • It make sense for them to be attractive because a prominent one is unique to men and it shows a lot of testosterone.

  • I met this guy who had an Adam's apple and his voice was sexy. He was really nice too works at this shop in the mall. He's good looking too

  • It is said men have Adam's apple because it symbolises the sin committed by Adam in the Garden of Eden through eating the forbidden fruit. Hence the apple symbolises the fact how mankind failed to heed Gods advice and were misled by Satan

  • cute story :p
    i kinda have a thing for well-formed adam's apples as well lmao

  • Good article! -sigh- great, people are trying to explain things with bible tales now. . .

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What Guys Said 12

  • It's so women know who's boss.

  • Maybe Wiki helps you out: It's caled 'laryngeal prominence: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laryngeal_prominence#Sex_differences

  • I remember Folks in my high school used to made fun of it but lucky me. llol

  • Wow, that was an entertaining article, I didn't think anyone really noticed the adam's apple. very interesting.

  • Its what makes a guy have deep voice which is hot for chicks. Guys with deep voices are taken more seriously and are more likely to get their **** sucked

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