Boyfriend won't give me his Facebook password

Firstly, my boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years now.we have been talking about marriage already. I use to have his password to his Facebook before and use to confront him when I felt uncomfortable when girls were flirting with him. This bothered him, as he said he knew what he was doing and would handle things on his own. Recently he changed his password because he thought I didn't trust him and that what happened on faceboook was his privacy. But I found out as soon as he changed his password,(as I was able to get into his hotmail account) he started adding a lot of people including this girl I made him delete because she kept flirting with him. What does this mean?


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  • Well first of all, social communities are just a mess. There are so many people listed as friends, they are just not... ;)

    Next to that ask yourself: DO YOU TRUST HIM!

    And I don't want to hear an answer like "Yes, BUT there is this girl and I ..."

    The answer can only be YES or NO

    If you do not trust him, you ought to tell him. Be careful though, because he might find that offending! Tell him that you really feel uncomfortable with him flirting to other girls - or even getting flirted at - on such social networking sites...

    But honestly, requesting his password...

    I would NEVER EVER give even my closest friends my password to such sites. They either trust me or don't and then they - and I myself - know how to act appropriately!

    You may just ask him to tell this girl on the wall that he already has someone special to him and that HE HIMSELF feels uncomfortable getting flirted at - even though it is a nice gesture.

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      LoL, now I wish he was a little like you ;) ..I agree with everything you said and to tell you the truth I knew all this, but couldn't help my jealousy feelings still. And I guess it really is about trust, which I have decided to put more of in my relationship because I truly chcerish what I have. And about your comment on social coummunities, --it is a mess...THank You for comment, I really appreciate it. =)