Is it a turn off if a girl farts in your face during sex?

I know a lot of people will get on me for this, but gosh...I HATE it when a girl farts on you...ESPECIALLY DURING A 69 position. Come on stinks. My penis literally becomes flaccid quickly after she farts. It's that smell that just can totally block your cock. I'm sorry, it's just me.


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  • Lol me too bro. It's a natural thing their body does- so I wouldn't hold it against them, but it sure does get one's self out of the mood.

    • I try not to hold it against her, but she eats healthy. But she's the one who initiates the sex...and I told her I don't like it. But it's relatively minor though...but damn, she sure knows how to get my penis flaccid!

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  • That's sick.. What kind of girl does that?

    • She eats healthy, and that means a lot of yeah.

  • I think that would be a turn off for most people. Maybe she should cut down on the fiber or at least try to squelch it.


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  • No it would not be a turn off for me, I mean it maybe a bit unpleasant but I would not be turned off because I know it would be an accident. It is not like she would have been trying to work the gas down and push it out in my face. Therefore I would expect her to apologise but I would tell her not to worry and I would carry on with sex with the girl.

  • Well, wouldn't know personally but I bet it would be one of those "..okay I'm done!" moments.

  • Sounds to me you have experienced this more than once.

    During the 69 who was on top? If you were on top possibly your body pressure compressed it out of her.

    Another thought is she should have some idea it's fixing to blow & worn you to clear out of the blast area.

    Does she laugh afterward? Maybe this is her form of kinky.

    One thing is for sure. If you're not careful, you may end up with a mouthful much less the smell.

    • I was on the yeah...I couldn't really escape it.

  • Shit happens

  • I don't. I love when a girl farts and I think it's attractive. But of course everyone has their own opinion.