What does it mean when a guy touches you on your lower back?

I was at a party and when we took pictures, a guy that I have been looking at the whole night., placed his hand on my lower back! Then after that, I constantly catch him looking at me? What does this mean?


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  • It sounds like he could be interested in you.

  • ^^ what he said. What is good hand placing etiqutte for taking pictues under various scenarious?

    How would you feel if the same guy did that to you but you weren't interested in him at all?

    • I always feel like a guy touching my lower back is sort of possessive, not in a bad way, but crosses the boundary between friend and someone who wants it to be more. it feels more intimate than putting an arm around my shoulder or even my waist does. If a guy I wasn't interested in did it while taking a picture, I would probably gently move his hand to my shoulder or move away slightly. It wouldn't bug me or seem inappropriate, but if you DON'T like a girl, stick to an arm around her shoulders.

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  • I agree with jrose, guys will not touch girls like that unless they like them. He's interested in you. If he keeps giving you eye contact and making excuses to touch you he is definitely interested. If his pupils dilate when he looks at you that is also an indication but it can be difficult to spot. hope this helps ^^

    • Yes it does help..at least I can stop thinking about what that touch meant!! hehe...all of you guys' answeres helped..thanks!