Why do girls like to be kissed in the rain?

My girlfriend wants to do it and I've heard several other girls talk about how great it is. I mean I'll go for it sometime but I'm just wondering exactly why its such a romantic situation?


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  • personally I love being kissed in the rain and I have no idea why haha. It's a girl thing I guess. The mystery of the female sex ;)

    • Haha..i uess....but its kindacool for me too, I don't know girls look really hot with their hair wet for some reason

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    • Hmm could be lol I think it might be because its kinda fun to get messy and be carefree

    • True..it's probably that feeling of being primal and following your instincts ;)


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  • Hahaha this is a good question!

    It is known to be romantic because of movies and such.

    And rain is very beautiful, especially when it's falling lightly. Rain sounds good, smells good, and looks wonderful. Sometimes it even leads to a rainbow!

    • God point! now that I think of it, I do enjoy a mildly rainy day

  • You know what? I honestly have no f***ing idea. And I'm a girl. :| Probably because the movies make it look all romantic.

    Why would you waste your time kissing in the rain when you can DANCE! ^_^)>


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  • maybe they like it for the same reason as having sex in the shower...its just makes everything more fun.