Ways to mess with a girls head......

There is a girl I have liked for a few months and she is always messing with my head. Example: things are going well, we're talking regularly, and then she 'll ignore me for a week or so. I would say it is because she knows how I feel about her and she knows she's got me. But, now I want to try and beat her at her own game and mess with her head a little so she knows how it feels. Nothing mean or hurtful, maybe just ignore her for a week or something. Any suggestions?


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  • Don't perpetuate this childish game. Call her on it and ask her to stop, if she doesn't, move on. You don't want to be in a relationship with a girl who functions like that, it's far too immature for her age.


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  • personally when a guy that I'm keen on ignores me it drives me wild... if your the sorta person that is always saying yes to her... start saying no..


    if she asks you if you wanna do something tonight say " na sorry I cant" and make up a lame ass excuse as to why... tell her you will call her in a couple of hours then dont.

    she will soon realize that she's loosing you and will chase again.


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  • just ignore her. ITS GOING TO BE A LOT HARDER THAN YOU THINK. its a lot easier to say to do it to. I had a similiar situation about a month ago and I tried it and lasted like 2 days before I called her again. it was my mess up but I ended up confronting her about it and I broke up with her. lol probably don't want to go that route but we are still friends and doing the whole casual dating, seeing each other less, just friends with benifits thing.