The truth about nice guys and why girls may reject and/or overlook them. Your thoughts...?

I'm sure you've all seen the tremendous amount of guys coming here borderline complaining about how girls don't like nice guys. Right, girls hate nice guys. We just want a jerk to make us feel terrible about ourselves, to string us along and toy with our hearts. There is no more desirable guy than a jerk who treats us like crap and we just hate nice guys. If you're not picking up on the sarcasm, then there's something wrong there.

Here's some reality for you nice guys...

A guy is not entitled to a wonderful woman simply for being nice. Nice guys need to recognize that and step up their game when it comes to dating potential. I'm tired of hearing nice guys say "Girls don't want nice guys. Girls use nice guys" Simply just being a nice guy is not going to make a girl fall head over heels for you and want to give you her all. If you're nice and boring, that niceness loses it's worth. If you're nice, but you lack charm and intelligence, that niceness decreases in value. If you're nice but your physical appearance looks a hot mess, it's going to be difficult for a girl to even be attracted to you in a romantic or sexual way. Face it. It’s true. So dig deep and be honest with yourself: what’s the real reason you can’t seem to get a girl because I can assure you it’s not solely based on you being a nice person.

After coming to GAG and seeing how "nice guys" (who get really mean and whiny when things don't go their way) express themselves, I'm starting to believe they work so hard to be nice because deep down they are very aware that they're lacking in other areas of self. So they try to compensate that by being nice and when their "nice guy crutch" fails them, they want to get upset and run to GAG, complaining about how girls don't want nice guys.

Your thoughts? Are "nice guys" really just using that played out line to excuse the true reason as to why they struggle with women? What is your opinion on this topic?

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It's the same logic with guys who may choose b*tches over nice girls. The nice girl may like to point out all of the weaknesses and negative aspects of the b*tch to imply that the guy should be choosing her. But maybe it's got nothing to do with niceness. Maybe the b*tch just so happens to have more charm, maybe she's more exciting and adventurous, maybe she overall did a better job of present herself as golden. And even though her goldenness is an illusion, she did a damn good job because he's
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willing to take her sh*t and put up with all the bad just so he can have the good.
The truth about nice guys and why girls may reject and/or overlook them. Your thoughts...?
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