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What is reason for male coworker talking about significant other all the time?

I was hoping someone could clear this up for me. I work with a new guy in my workplace for the past year. We started out as friends & since then... Show More

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  • Other than he is so fond of his Girlfriend or he is setting a bait for you, surely you don't feel that topic much..i have female friends in the past who love to listen to my relationship concerns and they give advise and all, but I have observe most of my female friends who at first listen then become a snob at some point..after carefully checking on a girl I did had a crush before, either she stays quiet and frown when I speak of the girl I like..Word of advise if you don't want to complicate things with this guy just be a friend..

  • Are you sure you're not into this man? lol It seems like you pay him a lot of attention. Sounds like he is just being friendly. Maybe he wants ot pursue somethign with you, if that's the case I think bringing up is Girlfriend would mean he would do stuff with you but not leave her! Unless he tasks about her in a negative way

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