Am I the only one who thinks Kourtney Kardashian is better looking then Kim?

Kourtney: link

Kim: link

Khole: link

  • Kim is the best looking
    19% (10)34% (11)25% (21)Vote
  • Kourtney is the best looking
    65% (34)62% (20)64% (54)Vote
  • Khole is the best looking
    16% (8)4% (1)11% (9)Vote
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You can google more pics of them if you want to analyze them more.
Kourtney: link Kim: link

Kourtney: link

Khole: link


Most Helpful Girl

  • without makeup the order would be Kourtney, Khole, and Kim far dead last. If you see her with out makeup it's so surprising and plus Kim has the weakest personality. & I'm a fan of the Kardashians I always watch the show ^.^

    • link Kourtney does look best without makeup. Kim looks average and khole looks more like a troll to me. What is kourtney's personality like?

    • haha, I put kim last because of her personality and when she crys kim looks nasty (like kourtney said in an episode lol) &well Kourntey was pregnant for awhile so she was bitchy. LOL, but she is a mix between Khole and Kim. She's fun and perverted yet she is business when has to be and when she's mad she is pretty calm. Personality wise it'll go khole, kourntey, then kim. but khole and kourtney together are so funny, they make me laugh

    • Perverted?

What Girls Said 16

  • there's quite a few people who think that, but I disagree. kourtney is pretty but no more pretty than the average every day pretty girl. kim k is a dime 10/10

    • What makes kim a perfect 10 to you?

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    • Yeah she does have a really cute face, I prefer the stunning/hot look on girls

    • link You think she every gets annoyed with being followed all day by the paparazzi?

  • Kourtney looks cute but Kim is gorgeous.

  • I think that Kim and Kourtneys bodies are the same. however Kim has the best facial features and bone structure, she's the most feimnine and has this sex appeal, which Kourtney is jsut like plain jane.

    • How is kim more feminine?

    • her personality, her clothes and style, she's like the girlie girl from the three, her facial features as well. since her face is more symmetrical

  • I honestly think klhoe is the prettiest and the most down to earth. Kim is boring and kourtney is annoying. There you have it

    • What makes klhoe down to earth?

    • Have you watched 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'? o.o She just seems fun to be around and she doesn't care what people think. The other two, especially kourtney, I don't like her, she seems way too controlling and her personality is just awful

    • No, I do not really watch reality shows or care about celebrities. I know who the famous people are, but do not really care about what they do. I have heard enough about Kim to know she is not the best personality wise, but know nothing about Kourtney and only now that Khloe is married to Lamar Odom.

  • I really dislike their whole thing, but I have to say that khole is the prettiest one... I don't like looking at kim kardashian's face, because I can see how she will age and the future is grim -_-

    • I do not like their whole thing either, just kind of bored. How can you see how kim will age?

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What Guys Said 11

  • Kim is the best looking then kourtney then Khloe. I'm judging them on looks only and when they are at their best.

  • Well Kim has the prettiest face, but none of them really look THAT good.

    • Why?

    • Kim and Kourtney are kind of beautiful, but not so much to me. Finding someone attractive is a unique experience for everyone, that's why there are different tastes in women or men. I'm more of a fan of the "girl next door" look and they is just too much hollywood going on with the Kardashians.

    • Yeah, I can see what you mean. I like the girl next door look to.

  • Not really into silicon and botox... I would agree though Kourtney is aight.

  • I've never seen Kourtney or Khole before (just heard of them) but at least in those pictures, they're pretty unattractive. Kourtney looks like a horse, and Khole looks a lot like Rosie O'Donnell there. In that picture, Kim's just okay.

    • You can look at more pics of them if you want to.

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    • I dunno. I'm really not a fan of that.

      Sure, she could be airbrushed but that's the kind of girl I like, I'm saying. That sort of look.

    • Ok then.

  • Am I the only one who thinks they all look like trashy ho-bags?

    • In the pics I put or just in general?

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    • well, I know nothing about Kourtney or Khole, but I know enough about Kim to agree with you on that, but I was asking about their looks, not personality.

    • purely looks? I agree with you. Kourtney looks better.

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