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Are you hot-natured or cold-natured?

Are you more comfortable in the cold? Are you more comfortable in the heat? Are you comfortable in both? I'm a very hot-natured person. Anything... Show More

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  • I freeze when it gets down to 75.

    It was 112 Monday. A little warm but better then anything below 65

  • I'm notable for taking heat much better then most (During a heatwave when I was in secondary school, I still wore full uniform, jumper and all :P)

    Still, I prefer the cold :D

  • i don't like the cold, also don't like it too hot. iam in between, but id probably rather it be hot than cold.

  • I love heat but my body can't handle it. I sweat very easily and I hate it.

    In the cold I'm at home and I guess that kind of comes with the territory when living in Finland. We can handle cold and we are absolutely crazy. There can be -20 degrees celsius and there's still guys with just jeans and hoodies and girls in skirts.

  • More in between. I would rather it be very hot than very cold though.

  • I can handle both.

    Here in the summers the temperature can reach +40C (104 F) and in winters -30C (-22 F) and all I need to feel perfectly comfortable is the right clothing!

  • I'm definitely more comfortable in the cold, so I chose B. But I was confused by your question, because you said you were hot-natured, and then went on to say that above 75 degrees is too much for you. If you were hot-natured wouldn't that mean you were comfortable in the heat?

    • Uh ... I may have messed that up.

    • Okay ha ha just making sure I wasn't the one who messed up.

  • I prefer about 73 or 74 inside...although I like colder when I sleep..for outdoors I like 80 to 85...although we get down to -35 in the winter..o.O

  • Probably more comfortable with the cold.

    But I hold a deep adoration for the Sun. The Sun is a wondrous body. Like a magnificent father! If only I could be so grossly incandescent!

    • lol! grossly incandescent... love it

What Girls Said 7

  • I'm always shivering or my jaw starts jumping so I look like a whimpering sad puppy ...

    I'm more comfortable in the heat...as long as I have water...when it snows here my fingers go in five minutes

  • I like it chilly, but not freezing. My perfect temperature is probably 65, give or take a few degrees.

  • I love the heat. Which of course I need to, living in Texas and all. I love 110 degree weather. Anything under 70 starts getting too cold.:/

    • That's almost what I wrote. It was 112 here Monday.

      I wrote anything below 75 I start to freeze.

  • I'm okay with either but it's easier to dress in colder weather... well not the putting clothes on in the cold part but the style, at least you're keeping warm by dressing yourself whereas in summer if you put anything on all you want to do is take it off.

    • I TOTALLY agree.

  • I love the cold, especially early in the morning whilst camping

  • I'm cold-natured but my boyfriend is warm-natured. Lol!

  • Cold. I just love it.

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