My boyfriend never liked me, it was a game!

My boyfriend never liked me, it was a game.

I met this guy online, and from there we formed a long distance relationship. About a month ago we got into an argument and slowly we've stopped talking, I was the one to always reach out to him. And our convo's lacked ton of quality and just didn't feel genuine. So one day I confront him and I ask him whats up, he says: "I dont like you anymore, and your dad said I should let you down slowly. Im sorry but I just dont love you I never loved you.". Now here I am feeling like a fool for thinking this guy actually liked me, it would of been better for him to end it when the drama started, but he deciced to play with my emotions instead, he made me thing we still had a chance. And I dont know if I can ever forgive my dad what he did was cruel, he has always been mean to me. But this is too far, he played with my emotions.


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  • Hey at lease it drag on for a month not for years or months wasting your time. That's why I kinda hate online dating because you don't know if their feelings are true because you can literally say whatever you want online but face to face its different in a way.

  • It's absolutely a good thing that you lost a man who doesn't love you! And it's bad for him that he lost a woman who loves him most over the world!


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