Fun Things Singles Should do❣!!! 🚹 🚺

Fun Things Singles Should do❣!!! 🚹 🚺




You don't have to Party like the Gatsby haha!

✔️ Sleepover at friends house can be just as much fun!

Video games ✔️




Have fun play your song and jog at your own pace! Its fun!✔️

Go Shopping✔️

Join a club or volunteer✔️

Most likely you will make more friends and help people too!

Learn to play the guitar or something!? Learn something? Computer science? Anime? Read Books? Watch youtube 📹 videos? Learn about anatomy? Learn french? Japanese? 🇬🇧 Learn British slang? say things like you wanker! hahah Read about India? Germany free education? Watch the whole series of Naurto and write a book or something? Write your feeling on paper? Get it all out and let the world know that you matter!! Decorate your room? Make it your own! Buy new clothes or used clothes? Make clothes? 👗Learn to Sew! Drive around town? Learn how things work? who invented the car? How do all those part function? How do computers show images? How do all the parts make a computer? Can someone tell me? Cuz I wanna know! hahah Learn how to bake chicken? mmm..chicken! 📚Read book about love? Remeber how it feels to just love! Open your heart! And let all of the bad stuff out and let postivity in!✔️ Buy self help books? Try to understand why you are hurt and how to let your heart fly away full of joy again. Don't be bitter. You have one life <3 not having a partner is not the end of the world! Cheers!

mmm...LOOK AT THE FOOD! Buy me something!✔️

Chipotle is my life guys! mmm....So good! Buy it! BUY IT! BUY IT NOW! hahaha

HAVE A CUPCAKE!✔️Single? Married? Divorced? Seperated? Never been Kissed?


#TheQueenhasSpoken 👑






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  • I'm surprised there wasn't something about eating applies on this list, slightly dissapointed ;P

    • hahah! I was bored and tired of moaning people crying about begin single! Its what you do with your time that counts! hahah!

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    • Nah, I'm the same as well, I think sometimes the idea of being in a relationship is nice but it's just that: an idilistic idea. I'm pretty happy sitting having a coffee with my mum or chilling with my sister too :)

    • hahah! (: No rush for anything. I mean eh... It can wait. I think I am alright. (: I am my own wife lol!

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  • Well, I definitely love video games, and movies, I like jogging and workout, and I adore cupcakes of course ;)

  • The queen speaks truth but...

    When you walk past me, hand me that cupcake in the picture instead of change :O

    Nah I feel ya though, these forever alones take it a little too seriously but that's just my view on it


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