Former love interest got married today and all I feel is freedom and relief

Former love interest got married today and all I feel is freedom and relief

I was very close to him for about six months. We talked, flirted and constantly texted each other. It fizzled out in May last year and by December he was engaged to another girl.

I thought I'd hate his fiancee but I actually think she's quite nice. If I was angry at anyone, it was him. I was really sad and lonely, it ended at a time when I needed himthe most.

I've learnt a few things. He seemed flatteredby my Iinterest and was very flirtatious but would do things like promise his time and cancel or not show up for group stuff. In future, I'm not going to invest emotionally like that until I'm sure someone is in me. He was very polite and well mannered to my family, but I could tell Mum wasn't completely comfortable. I now know that I wouldn't ignore that.

I think he might have been using me to make his now wife jealous, I've been told he's liked her for years. Maybe I was just to pass the time.

As much as I love "Listen to your heart" I think listening to your gut instinct is better. Today I feel relief. I thought today would hurt but instead I feel relieved and free. In future, I will listen to my instincts and not lower my standards. I might be in jeans and a sweatshirt today rather than a bridal gown but i actually feel like i can move on now. I feel happy and content in myself- maybe that's what I needed more than anything.


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  • Beautifully Done, @beammeupqueenelsa and Happy for you that you have Found Closure by Sharing this with those on Gag.
    Cuddle now with your Precious kitty, enjoy your weekend. I know as sure as I am Sitting here, dear, there is Someone more Special who awaits you out there. This Prince was not meant to be.
    Good luck and Blessings. xx


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  • congrats on the freedom, must be very nice.

  • Same over here.


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