Why You Should Not Get Back With Your Ex!


We all dream of the day our ex will come back, pleading for us to take them back. We dream of how they will accept responsibility for their actions, how they would apologize and admit they made the biggest mistake of their life. That is all we wished for and suddenly we can't remember why we broke up.

I'm here to remind you.

We have all heard the speech, especially from the cheater, about how they changed. How they will never do it again and only love you. Well, that is all total BS. People don't just change overnight. We seems so eager to forgive especially when they were the person to confess to us about being unfaithful, it shows some kind of respect for us, right?... Wrong! They disrespected you and if you take them back you'll only end up regretting it and then you'll have no one to blame except yourself.


We become so used them always being around that when we are broken up we have to get used to a whole new routine. This routine may allow us to spend a lot of time by ourselves. This is when we tend to forget all about the bad memories and remember all the good times we had. But that's when you have to remind yourself that you broke up for a good reason.

We might start missing this person but this feeling is only temporary. It will go away. When we are alone we miss what we had because our minds tell us it was better than being alone. But it is NOT!

The first few weeks after a break-up we are at our most vulnerable and at the first glimmer of change in our ex's actions we run back to them. This is the time we have to be strong and keep our distance. Our ex is still the same asshole they were before, nothing has changed and nothing will ever change.

Some relationships end because of the sex. After a relationship has gone through a honeymoon phase, the sex life sometimes take a dive, some so bad that there is no recovery and a couple split. Keep in mind if this is why your relationship ended, the sex won't be better if you take them back again. It will be the same old boring stuff over again.

Why You Should Not Get Back With Your Ex!

After any relationship we lose trust in the other person, trust that can never be fully restored. When you take back someone who broke your trust once, you will always have some doubts and that will eat away at you, piece by piece.

Love is a learning experience and whenever we love someone new, we learn something new about ourselves. Our ex already taught us what we needed to know, now it is time to proceed to the next lesson. There are billions of people in the world, why would you give someone the power to break your heart twice and not even learn something the second time around. Go out. Find someone better. YES! There IS someone better than your ex.

We make up our minds to be in love. It is very easy to be in love when everything is going extremely well. But what about when times are dark? Most relationships fail during this time. That is when you make up your mind whether you want to be in love or not. If you can't stick by a person or if a person can't stick with you during bad times, then there is no point in getting back together when times are good.

People don't necessarily make you happy but rather the effect they have on you. During our life time we make a lot of friends, some stick around and some don't. Just like lovers. We should not hold on to people who no longer adds value to our life, but rather move forward and find someone else who will. Some people aren't meant to stay in our lives for the long haul, but that does not mean you can't take anything from the relationship.

I will add this, there are some exceptions to this. People who have made it work after getting breaking up and getting back together. But never ever just assume that will be you, because chances are you are not an exception to the rule and you'll only end up more hurt.

If you keep going back to the first chapter, you'll never reach the last chapter.

Why You Should Not Get Back With Your Ex!

Why You Should Not Get Back With Your Ex!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    I'm going through that right now, so I'm very glad to have read this. You are so right that people never change! It just sucks because I thought my ex was the one person I was going to marry 😭 And we have a child together. But I guess I have to go through the grieving process and then I'll be okay 😔 Thank you for that great read!
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    • WpCurious

      I'm glad you liked it and I'm sorry for what you have to go through now. Just be strong.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you.☀️

    • GLLlll

      Exactly my opinion and situation right now

Most Helpful Guy

  • Spiorad_Aisce
    I totally agree with your take - Whatever reasons were there for the breakup they are still there - Unless they are fully addressed they will crop up again, I would say it is a very rare occurrence where that happens.
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  • KHaskins
    Trying to find a MyTake someone posted about the difference between an "ex" and a "former girlfriend/boyfriend." Basically coming down to the terms on which you parted.

    I'm emerging from a relationship where there was no serious incompatibility between her and I; it ended thanks entirely to outside factors. We wished each other well. I'd get back with her in a heartbeat if I saw a way to make it work.
  • takumii
    It honestly depends on why you broke up. One of my friend's cousin married what was supposed to be her ex. It can work out.
    • WpCurious

      Like i said, there are exceptions

  • Luvme66
    The best take i read... and i guess i found it on the right time. :) thank you so muchhhhh
  • Trotters
    Excellent. Just what i needed after being cheated on.
  • molls_
    whoa, that spoke to me as I'm currently dealing with the early stages of a breakup and I'm mentally unstable.
  • FaithfulGuardian
    Um, what makes you think cheating is the only reason a couple split? It could be incompatibility could be another reason, for instance.
    • WpCurious

      I was not referring only to cheating.

  • J1020
    What about actually getting over them, like for real?
    And feeling no love, attraction or any attachment at all? Nothing.
    Seeing them as any other person, not because they would do you wrong.
  • skeptic007
    sounds like someone has gone through some issues
    not everything your saying is true
    • WpCurious

      In most cases it is. But like i said at the end, there are exceptions

  • raio81597
    They would have to had worked on themselves to do that. For whatever reason the breakup occurred, that would have to be resolved.
  • worldscolide
    i believe whole heatedly that i left the girl for a reason, i would never allow someone i left back in my life.. Once bitten twice shy
  • aliceinwonderland69
    I could never get back with my ex cos I would always worry he would leave me again.
  • S0ph5t3R
    How about a ghoster* who reappears out of the blue?

    *ghoster: someone who was all about you (optional) and disappears without a word.
  • somethingoingon
    people get back with their ex becuase theyre weak or havnet found anyone yet

    its prolonging pain while lying to yourself.
    • yololoyo

      Yup there's tons of other people to CHOOSE from

    • @yololoyo exactly. They tried it and it proved they aren't a match. People should really only break up once as it causes hurt and bitterness and distrust afterwards.

    • yololoyo

      Don't know how old is she but such knowledge comes from experience. That is, you have to fuck things up at some point to get it right in the end

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  • WombRaider
    Well I love the Harry Potter and LOTR books and I know how they all end...
  • luvstoned4him
    I love this ! <3 and yea #CheatersGonnaCheat
  • ThisDudeHere
    I whole heartedly agree with this statement.
  • Esiar
    The problem here is that people can change.
    • WpCurious

      I know people can change, that is why I mentioned at the end that there are exceptions.

  • AshleyPrincess12
    I'm glad you made this take 👍
  • Anonymous
    i've made this mistake. I broke up with a boyfriend after being with him for around a year, cut all contact and moved on, then stupidly contacted him a year and a half ago and we've been together ever since. I love him, but the same problems are still there and its killing both of our personalities :( bad times. Don't do it, just keep walking away its not worth it.
    • WpCurious

      I'm sorry to hear that you still have the same problems, but yeah that is usually what happens. Sometimes there are problems that will never be resolved.

  • Anonymous
    Gonna be honest, I only clicked on this post because of that Mr Bean photo. Haha brings back so many memories