Why you should not get back with your EX

why you should not get back with your EXThis is actually a take I never thought I would have to write cause I think that going back to your ex is a big no no that everyone would have understood by now. I think it’s so obvious why you should never make such a mistake but I see it happening to many times though all the red flags.

Your past is your past for a reason and you should leave it to be so. Instead of crying your eyes out because you can’t the other person and have what you had anymore, cry your eyes out and let yourself feel every emotion you could ever feel like feeling. But do also realize and remember that things have changed now and that you now know what you don’t want to have from a future relationship and what you now know what to look for in the future. Remember also that you can either move forward from here with things, or choose to go backwards.

I know a breakup is so much harder to deal with then I am making it seem to be like. I know how confused and heartbroken I was when my last relationship ended and how badly I wanted to go back to my ex. It took me an entire year to get back on my feet after wards but I am so glad that I never went back to him. Here are some of my top tips to why you should never go back to an old partner.

First of all, think about it. The real reason behind why you probly want to get back together with your ex is cause you are just scared of being alone. That you are just scared of ending up alone in the future. But you being scared of something that you don’t even know for sure is not a good reason enough. Fear of being single and the future is the reason why a lot of people get back with their exes. And it’s simply not okay. Don’t let some irrational stupid fear that you don’t even know anything about ruin things.

Even if you go back to your ex things won’t be as they were. The trust you had for each other will have been shattered and that’s one of the most important things there is in a relationship. It’s difficult to build up in the beginning and even more difficult to try and put together once it has been broken. Remember that everyone wants to be in a relationship where the trust is 100 percent instead of you worrying that your partner will turn and run from you again. And if you feel like you can't trust him, why bother trying again? If he betrayed you badly or cheated on you or something and you worry he might do so again then this person are not worth a second chance!

You guys had a reason to breakup. Whether it was him or you took the initiative and did it. Maybe you guys didn’t get along as well as you though you did or maybe there wasn’t attraction to each other as you first though.

If the other person did something wrong and never apologized for things or took any responsibility for things you do not simply get back with them. It means there is no shown respect for you enough to admit that he/she needs to change how things are.

If you are looking back on your past relationship and imagining things to have been great, then you should defiantly not go back to your ex. People who are heartbroken often look back and only remember the good things. They often leave all the bad stuff out because they don’t want to think about that at the moment. Or over all actually. But you need to think about the bad stuff and weigh it against the good stuff in order to see things clearly.

You shouldn’t always need to listen to your friends and family bur sometimes what they are saying can be really helpful and eye opening. If all the people closest to you are begging you to not get back with your ex they are seeing something that you don’t want to see, or maybe haven’t even noticed.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Well said, I have seen much evidence in my life that supports your view. I have seen friends go through the same misery over and over and over again. It drives me crazy! The definition of insanity is repeating the same actions and expecting different results!

  • Nice myTake. I'm sure there are people that have gotten back together with their ex's and it has worked out. I would love to hear from them.

    • thank you so mutch! there is actually couples that has gotten back togethere and it was been going great for them. :) but its kinda rare tho.

What Girls Said 1

  • Your grammar, usage, and punctuation is atrocious; I had a hard time following along and understanding. Your flow is all over the place, and it is hard at places to find the point of your words. You need to work on sentence structure, and staying on point. Or you need more tutoring in the English language, as I have noted that you either live in another country, or were not born in an English speaking country, according to your profile details. Next time you accuse someone of copying you, consider the fact that they may not take it laying down, they may actually seek to defend their work, and disprove your claims.

    • Still flatterd you liked my take enough to Steal it and claim as yours. Hope you sleeples well at night.

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