It Hurts To Be Without You


It Hurts To Be Without You

I am left all alone, with nothing but heartache.

It hurts so bad.

I feel like I am dying internally.

My heart can't take it anymore.

This once strong organ has grown so weak,

I slump over to the side succumbing to my wounds,

that feel as if they cannot be healed.

Although I am injured so badly,

there's this little part of me that maintains its hope.

It says to me, "No, don't give up! You must believe."

Believe that there will be a better tomorrow.

Believe that there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

You must believe that this misery is only temporary, and will leave

you with a life long lesson....

That will aid in allowing you to feel whole once again.

You'll live this life to carry it on.

You'll pass it on to others and teach those in need.

They'll put into practice your strength and knowledge.

One of your purposes in this life, is to spread messages to help those

who don't have the tools to help themselves.

When you help them, you'll feel as if you are looking at your own reflection.

You'll see yourself for who you once were.

You'll realize how far you have come.

You'll visually be able to see your own progress.

Although you feel as if you are at your worse now,

remember, all great leaders have the days when they stumble.

Although, they slip that fall allows them to come back stronger than ever,

with a greater force, one in which they never knew that they had.

You have the strength to pick yourself back up!

Never give up!

No, it's not in you.

You were born to fight.

You were born to live.

You were born to carry on.

It Hurts To Be Without You

I can and will survive without you.

It Hurts To Be Without You

It Hurts To Be Without You
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    I actually didn't think a woman could genuinely & deeply care for an adult man , most women bad mouth men & view us as inferior creatures. A touching take , we men have to develop hard hearts as we are on our own in life , men do not have the support networks / friendships that women do.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • ashley1996
    Powerful, true, beautiful words! That I feel very deeply thanks for the encouragement.
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  • I can't help but just LOVE your stuff on here. Your so good. You really speak from the heart.
  • OlderAndWiser
    Feel free to message me at any time if you need to talk to someone privately.
  • Junlian
    Pretty auuuuu pretty auuuu deep ma'am. Oh these? Neh, just I was cutting onions. It was beautiful and deep. I hope more people see this and change there lives around.
  • Psi_Unknown
    Such sadness, such heart, such courage, such will. I hope you or whoever this is about is no longer sad.

    Red is a very strong color, and even with my bad eyes I can see a tear.

    Anyone can send me a message if you need to, (no one is blocked yet).
  • Victorianne
    I love this !! It is so beautiful!!♥ A lot of people will relate to it, i know i can :(
  • Jasmine17
    Love this I can relate. Sometimes you feel like you can't live without the other person and that is the worst feeling. We need to remind ourselves no matter what went wrong in the relationship we need to get back up on our feet & not feel so depressed. It's tought because you get very used to the other persons presence and you would think that after dating a couple of people you would get better at this whole break up thing and moving on thing but that's never the case. It never gets easier but what does make me feel better is reminding myself that if I was able to live without this person before I met him I most definantley will be able to live without him.
  • Maxemeister
    Yo, those were some fat rhymes you just threw down!
  • Becky01
    wow this is so powerful you have such talent
  • YourFutureEx
    Oh you poor puppy, come here for free hugs <3
  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Nice lyrical take, hope it gets better.
  • arashmenalagha
    Whose a pretty girl? :)
  • IceEverest
    Good job...
  • Anonymous
    What happened , Did you go through a divorce/break up or something?
    I can't believe some of them are complimenting you for writing this?
    • Stacyzee

      Have you never read poetry? lyrics? or a short story?
      Words are powerful, and when put together nicely can be seen as a work of art.
      You can't read every person's writings and capture their true emotions.
      The people who have read this, have done just that.
      They really "feel" me.
      This writing has a message, and is meant to encourage those who have grown weak through a break up or a divorce.

    • Anonymous

      Rule #1 in poetry - Never ever start with "I" or "you"
      Its always supposed to be directed towards a third person, an unknown entity.

    • Stacyzee

      I didn't say this was a poem.
      I only gave examples of expressive writing for you to comprehend why people are complimenting this take.
      Also, this take is written from personal experience so I will not speak in third person.
      And if I wanted to be "creative" like I have been in the past and picture myself in a certain situation or turmoil, I have the power to do that write writing.
      It is a form of self expression.

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  • Anonymous
    that's my favorite so far that I've read on here! Good job