In Retort, 10 Helpful Upbeat Break-Up Songs To Get You On Feet


After reading the Take by @EllieLexis513 5 Break Up Songs By Female Artists I couldn't help but think there are a lot more up beat and less lamenting break up songs out there. I'd like to point out I'm not belittling her choices or her pain. I just have a difference in opinion of how to move on. I do however agree that the Radio is never a friend those who have just broken up or gotten divorced recently. This list will try to bridge all genres just as long as they're are up beat in some way. Sometimes in very small ways.

Wish Me Well (You Can Go To Hell)- The Bouncing Souls

The song is mainly sung from a female side but the male view is cleverly represented in it so both sexes can draw amusement from it.

She Fucking Hates Me- Puddle Of Mudd

This is a great song just because of the video! It perfectly captures and shows the pent up anger we all have when we get the Ax by a love. And sometimes we have to think the worst of a flame to move past the burn.

Since You Been Gone- Kelly Clarkson

This is a good one for all those Ladies who've felt smothered as a unique person trapped in a relationship with someone who didn't know what they want.

I Don't Fuck With You- Big Sean

If you've ever wanted to bitch out at an Ex before you might enjoy this one. It's more of a Guy song but the thought behind it works for either side.

How Do You Like Me Now- Toby Keith

Ahh, the lengths we go to have our revenge! Even if they never went out with us the pain and the drive to show them up is always there.

Fuck You-Cee-Lo Green

Out of all the "fucks" on this list this song is the only one I had to sign in to see. You would think it's a bad song but it hints of the 1950's if singers could sing that word back then. Still it's very fun and up beat despite the sign in bullshit.

I Didn't Like You Anyway- The Donnas

Cutting remarks about a Boy and a High School Cheer thrown in what's not like.

So What!- Pink

Can't leave Pink off of this list and this song hits home for a lot of my female friends. And I can see why, it's up beat and it kicks ass. After listening to it myself I don't need a Man either!

I'm Gonna Miss Her- Brad Paisley

The lesson here is never get between a man and his pastime. If you do he might just choose the latter.

These Boots Are Made for Walkin'- Nancy Sinatra

Figured I'd end on a classic kiss off. Sure you can listen to Jessica Simpson try and sing it but she already ruined "Jack and Diane" by stealing the music why give her a second chance stealing both here. Just stick with Nancy and she'll get ya going.

At any rate here's my quick list for everyone. Even if you're not a big fan of some of these genres we can all identify with the pain. Hopefully at least one of these songs will help get you past it. If that fails find a friend or vent on G@G either way get it out of your head... so we don't have to hear about it on the news.

In Retort, 10 Helpful Upbeat Break-Up Songs To Get You On Feet
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  • EllieLexis513
    Lamenting means to mourn or grieve... which was not at all the purpose of my myTake. In fact, I explicit say it's a list of five songs to move on from your ex and get your thoughts off of them. I'm not understanding where you get 'lamenting'. The Take I wrote was a combination of moving on and loving yourself without having a man/woman around and surrounding yourself with positivity.

    While I agree with some of your songs on this list, I don't feel like you took the time to really read or understand the Take I wrote.
    • The songs you had chosen seemed, at least to me, to be lamenting their losses in love in stead of just moving on. I just felt break ups no matter how painful need not be mourned the way those singers made out.

    • Did you read the lyrics to any of them? They clearly don't say that at all... One of them doesn't even mention a relationship at all.

    • I liked your Take to be honest and as I've said I'm not trying to belittle anything from it. Still aside from the last one on your list they all had that quality. But I'm afraid we will just have to settle on agreeing to disagree.

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  • Tomboy_Cool
    i liked pick and klarkcon