3 Steps To Winning Back Your Ex Girlfriend

If your girlfriend just broke up with you, you’re probably going through some wild emotions right now. It’s pretty common to have certain events play in your mind over and over again which just seems to shred your heart even more.

You can find yourself following into an emotionally depressed state, and you may find yourself wondering what to do. You may immediately feel like calling your ex and begging him or her to come back to you. But is this really going to make things better? Rather than make things better, what it’s probably going to do is make your situation much worse and this is, to push your ex away even further.

What you should actually do at this point is the opposite of what you are feeling. Do you feel like calling your ex? Don't! Do you feel like staying inside and crying all day long? Don't! Instead, follow these three basic steps.

Step 1 - How to get back with my ex: Accept the break up!

First and foremost, you need to accept that the break up is happening. Tell your ex that you are okay with it, and allow the "moving on" process to begin/. When you do this, it will eliminate a large amount of the tension and stress that is being experienced by all. Your ex will need time to think about the relationship, and this will give you time as well to consider your options. If your ex realizes that he or she still loves you, they will find a way to get back with you.

Step 2 - How to get back with my ex: Don’t contact her!

Do not make an effort to contact your ex anymore right now. You should cut communication off with her so that there can be some "thinking time". This may seem counter-intuitive, but by cutting communication off you are signaling that you have already moved on and that you are doing just fine.

This will allow her to think about the relationship and how they feel about its value. It will also allow them to have some time to miss you again. When you can separate yourself from your ex and can calm your nerves that may be the best time to let them realize how important you were to her.

Step 3 - How to get back with my ex: Plan ahead for the get together

Once you have completed the two steps mentioned just above, you can start working on planning on when you should meet, where you should meet, and also what should be said when you do meet up again. This will allow you to get a better idea of whether or not your ex still loves you, and also if there is any chance that you and your ex will be able to get back together.

Now, this whole process is much easier said than done and can be a little more complicated than the three steps above. But it’s a good start and will improve your chances of winning your ex back.

About the Author:

3amHunter is a professional relationship coach from Los Angeles, California and unlike most relationship coaches out there, specializes on one niche. And that is how to get back together with an ex girlfriend. For more information click on the following link: Secrets To Win Back Your Girlfriend.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Right! People who just got through a break up never understand that the best step is to IGNORE them . People want what they can't have and there not going to go for someone who's begging for them.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm no professional relationship coach but I've noticed a big inconsistency here - if you accept the break up then surely you no longer need your ex be it for reasons of love or otherwise?


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  • If I wanted to win back my ex boyfriend, could I just send him a copy of this article? I'm afraid this tactic might be too subtle...


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  • i think this is exactly how to do it, although its much easier said than done.


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