Signs You’re So Over That EX


You thought you will never ever get over the person who was once the love of your life.

You spent your days crying in the shower thinking where did your love go wrong.

You spent your nights crying in bed watching sappy old movies and stuffing your face with chocolate and chugging a bottle of wine.

Your days are dragging on and on.

Your nights cold and lonely.

Your bed is all of a sudden too big for you…

You look in the mirror and you see a person with unruly hair, bloodshot eyes and mascara running down your cheeks.

Signs You’re So Over That EX

The person, who you thought will never leave you, did just that. He is not coming back…

It’s over.

Days, months, years gone by… One day you are yourself again.

Here are the signs you’re so over that EX.

1. You feel NOTHING when someone mentions his name or when someone talks to you about them.

2. You don’t get emotional or get flashbacks every time “your song” plays on the radio.

3. You act normal when you randomly run into them.

4. You are in the dating scene again. Not to look for a rebound but to date and love again!

5. Your heart doesn’t jump every time you do get a message from them. It’s like ehh…

6. You don’t think about them anymore.

7. You can finally say you are over them without hesitations.

8. They are just but a name now…

9. When you see them online, you don’t feel the need to reach out anymore.

10. When you see pictures of them on your timeline, you either keep scrolling or make a comment but a friendly and genuine one.

Signs You’re So Over That EX

11. When you see them with someone new, you don’t have a mental breakdown and gouging your eyes out.

12. When you guys bump into each other and they brought their new beau, you are genuinely happy for them.

13. You become their friend. Platonic friend. You even become their wing man or a bride’s maid at their wedding. Or their child’s godparent! Lol

14. You are so proud to introduce your new beau to them when you guys come across each other.

15. If still single, you don’t need to lie to them about your single life when they ask about your love life status.

Signs You’re So Over That EX

16. You find yourself happier without them in your life.

17. You spend more time in bettering yourself not for them but for you.

18. When you do see or smell something that reminds you of them, you feel happy instead of nostalgic sad.

19. They made you stronger by breaking your heart. You thought you couldn’t do it but here you are now…

20. If they do try to get back together, you are honest with them that you are over them and you feel good about saying NO.

Signs You’re So Over That EX

Getting over someone is one of the hardest things to do in life but is the best things to feel once you are past it. You are ready for the dating world and you are not afraid to love again.

You go, you!

Signs You’re So Over That EX
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Pamina
    One objection: Being back at dating again doesn't necessarily mean you're over them. Most people I'd say start dating again before they're fully over their ex. A lot even do it very quickly, usually to distract themselves or make themselves believe they're over them.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • ronaldo75
    I see her as beneath me now. She married a loser and the arrogance she had when we broke up was erased by how her career and business went nowhere. she's also insanely out of shape now and stress has her looking 28 going on 40.
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  • mooky06
    Number 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 can be very plausible for me. I feel like these ones really apply to me, and i’m completely ok with that. It makes me happy and even relieved in a way lol
  • ashley1996
    Ugh it feels so good to not give a damn about him lol. Good take
  • FreshStart_2018
    Very good MyTake! 👍🏻
    legit so true
  • Ellie-V
    YAAASSS! I love ur take :)
  • cupidkisses
    yeah i am