Coach Lee Is the Best Relationship Coach I’ve Ever Heard

Coach Lee Wilson
Coach Lee Wilson

I share this Take because what I myself have learned from Coach Lee has been quite powerful, and I would like the rest of the GaG community to get the scoop on him and check him out yourselves, especially if you are someone going through a rough situation with a relationship. Although I guess this is sort of a review, I don't put it in the category of myReview but rather I just talk about how valuable his advice is.

A while ago a guy on here messaged me about his relationship after I answered one of his questions. He was going through some kind of major break up and needed to talk about it some more, to try to make sense of it and just pour everything out. This guy was in some serious pain and I struggled with knowing how to help, because I knew his pain really well. His situation is what I’d even been through in the past, and going through a break up - especially quite suddenly - can be very crippling. All of a sudden she just changes or disappears, or even blocks you, with no explanation, no closure. You’re left in total shock, reeling from the lightning-speed of what just happened, struggling to make sense of it. How one moment everything seems great and perfectly fine, and then the next it’s over just like that. For whatever reason, they no longer want to speak to you, be with you, or even see you. You can hardly eat or sleep, and you lose interest in just about everything.

Coach Lee Is the Best Relationship Coach I’ve Ever Heard

I empathized with him and tried to encourage him to keep standing strong. I didn’t want to just tell him the usual tough love advice everyone is always dishing out to guys, so I tried my best to be an ear for him. Then one day I went on YouTube looking for videos on how to handle a break up, thinking maybe I could find something that would help him.

And I did.

Enter Coach Lee

At first I was finding some of your usual tough love advice from all the other coaches out there that I didn’t think would be a good idea to share with this guy, afraid that it would shake him even more. I did find a few interesting ones here and there from Spartacus Fortune and a woman calling herself A New Mode, but then I came across some guy named Coach Lee and I started watching his video on what to do if your ex blocks you, and found it to be incredibly powerful. So I shared that with the guy on here and he even came back telling me how helpful it was. After that I found myself tuning in to more of Coach Lee’s other videos and I have to say that I really am impressed and wished I could’ve known about his advice back when I was going through painful breakups.

What makes him so different?

The captivating thing about Coach Lee’s messages is that he is incredibly compassionate and understanding - at times even towards the person who dumped you. The bulk of his videos deal with exes, the pain of breakups, what you should and shouldn’t do when an ex doesn’t want to talk to you anymore, and how to get them back. I generally am not a person who follows after relationship experts and know-it-alls, but I have to say that Coach Lee’s advice to both men and women is very impactful and has even changed some of my own perspectives on relationships.

Coach Lee Is the Best Relationship Coach I’ve Ever Heard

He puts heavy and important emphasis on maintaining No Contact with someone who has broken up with you, even if they’ve blocked you on all fronts - phone number, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. He teaches that you shouldn’t keep trying to talk to the other person, not to try getting around it if they have blocked you everywhere, and that keeping this No Contact rule is necessary not only to cause your ex to feel your silence and miss you even if they were the ones to end things, but also to allow you to heal and get yourself back in order.

His mission of advising people how to get their ex back when you really love them is quite intriguing. I’ve always been one of the many people who feels that if someone let you go you should let it be that way and move on yourself, but his messages of trying to get back someone you loved has even made me think differently. Lee himself acknowledges how a lot of people have that cut-and-dried “You just need to move on” mentality towards people dealing with break up pain, but he sees it another way. He puts emphasis on how he’s been giving professional relationship advice to people and even married couples for more than 20 years and says he has seen a lot of broken up couples get back together, mainly because of the No Contact rule.

Coach Lee Is the Best Relationship Coach I’ve Ever Heard

However, he does advertise his “Emergency Breakup Kit” (kind of a corny name lol) and encourages you to go on his website and buy it, but I see nothing wrong with it because this guy is not trying to extort you or keep you hanging on and on just to make money. He does make money with it, but the cost is actually quite affordable, and he doesn’t try to keep people throwing dollars in his pocket by coming up with second and third “kits” or books like other relationship experts do.


I’ve ended up watching several of Lee’s videos and I find the guy to be very genuine and his messages are incredibly powerful, practical, and informative, educating you about what’s going on inside the other person who dumped you. He doesn’t try to be all flashy and obnoxious, and he doesn’t spew out any of that toxic modern day stuff to guys about needing to be an alpha male and how a chick left you because you were a needy little sissy, stuff that really just brings guys down even more, injures their self-esteem, hurts more than helps, and makes them doubt themselves. Lee gives his messages to both men and women, that are complete with a lot of understanding, compassion, and firm instruction that commands your attention. With all of the videos I’ve watched so far, I never once found my focus drifting away or wondering when we’re gonna get to the end of it. He keeps my attention in full.

Coach Lee Is the Best Relationship Coach I’ve Ever Heard

I would even read through a lot of the comments on his videos and several people said the No Contact rule did work for them too and got their ex back. Some people said it was only a matter of weeks or even a few months and sometimes a year, while some others said that months passed and they never heard anything from their ex again. Overall the majority of comments I would read were in great appreciation and praise for Coach Lee’s messages, how comforting and helpful they are - some people were even saying they binge watch his videos while going through a break up or resort to them when they start feeling the itch to reach back out to their ex.

My approval: 5 stars

Again, for someone who does not really follow relationship experts or take them all that seriously, Coach Lee grabbed my attention above the rest and I give this guy my full seal of approval. I encourage peeps on GaG to go check him out, especially if you’re dealing with a break up or still longing for your ex. I can’t fit everything he says into this one Take, but know that his information is very valuable and impressive and worth a listen. So head on over to his page!


Coach Lee Is the Best Relationship Coach I’ve Ever Heard
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