How to not fail and feel sad during break up!

How to not fail and feel sad during break up!

Hi guys . Well I want to share my experience I believe it will help guys out there who may feel sad and struggling how to get out from that break up bad feelings .

1. Take your time to accept it's done

Yes it important to take your time after the break up to realize that person will not be with you anymore take your time but don't over do it don't take a long time like 6 months to move on , you can be single for a year but don't make that year for the break up instead use the time to get out from what happened and improve yourself .

2. Don't listen to sad songs

Personally I believe emotional pain is just like injury pain example let's say you have small tear in your shoulder you can train almost every exercise but if you do certain movement like military press it will cause more pain . So what you need to do is avoiding all the exercises that cause pain and train with caution until that tear heal then you can do any exercise you want . personally the doc said you need surgery or long Time of physical therapy thankfully it took a year and half until I fully recover from rotator cuff tear . So avoid any song that makes you sad or makes you remember your ex , you will be surprised how your mood and your emotions will be stable and how fast you can recover from that problem .

3. Avoid staying alone

Staying alone may make you think about your ex and bring back memories with her and bring back questions and you will keep say why and why , loneliness and bad memories and sadnesses is real damn recipe , so be more social even for certain of time and keep good connection with your real friends avoid fake friends because they may make you feel worse , go out to new places and place that make you happy .

4. Hit the gym

Yes going to the gym will help you a lot it will increase your confidence and make you in better shape and will fill your day time , also will increase your chances to get more women whichs true , I'm not saying go and do squats and deadlifts from day one but go out there and move your ass do 9-12 sets for large muscle and 8-10 sets for small muscles .

5. Keep eye on your diet

You may underestimate the power of diet but believe or not it can help you feel better by far that's true also it can make you look better or worse based on what you eat , avoid sugar and simple carbs avoid bad fats avoid soy don't listen to their shit avoid soy because it increases estrogen which will make you feel more damn emotional which will lead to disaster during a break up . So avoid bad foods focus on high quality food red meet egg Sweet potatoes real butter olive oil and vegetables . Also if you're not don't have health issues take zinc because it can increase your testosterone also vitamin d will help you too also creatine monohydrate the German grade will help your exercise and we'll being and it has good effect on dht . More testosterone will make you stronger in every way .

5. Accept some people won't change

I still remember the story of the scorpion and the frog the scorpion asked the from to help him to cross the river he said okay but you're scorpion promise me you will not hurt me he did promise the frog then while they were crossing the river he did poisoned the frog he asked why you did that and what about the promise he said I'm scorpion and that's my nature. What we should learn from that some people have evil inside and they will never change and you will hurt you if they get the chance no matter what good you do to them they will never change so always avoid these people and always keep eye on red flags also learn when to walk away .

6. Increase your spirit power

I honestly find it's helpful if you come close to God personally I find it's good thing and also make you heal faster and find inner peace , also it's helpful to good things .

7. Never take an ex back

Yes never take an ex back we all know what happens when relationship ends girls run through by many guys which true so understand she's no longer yours and it's time to walk away and never take her back because she will always do her thing and won't work which will cause more headache and waste of time learn from the frog and the scorpion story .

8. Don't Rush into relationship

Take your time to heal and move on and don't rush going into relationship , if you found another girl don't bring your problems to your new relationship and stay positive but as human all of us learn from mistakes so be more careful and learn from your mistakes and if you're lucky you will have peaceful long relationship .

Finally I hope this help you guys if you're facing breaking up . Peace ✌️

How to not fail and feel sad during break up!
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