How to know you're over them


The first guy I loved treated me miserably and eventually broke all ties with me because being in touch was harming both of us.

Him blocking me was the main reason I made an account here, on G@G. So much has happened since then, but it was only today that I had an epiphany that showed me that I was over him and that relationship as a whole - more than 1.5 years later.

How to know youre over them

I was driving on the highway and noticed a car that had a licence plate from his area and realised that I didn't feel bad, hurt or emotional over being reminded of his existence. It's taken such a long time, but I'm finally 100% over him.

Even the most insignificant things may remind you of them, and that hurts a lot in the beginning, but it definitely gets better and eventually, those feelings may fade into the nothingness they had formed out of initially.

How to know you're over them
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