The Cheated On Girl

The Cheated On Girl

I loved you more than any girl could love you.

I trusted you with your friends and would wait for you to come home late atnight just to hear you tell me goodnight. I forgave you for hurting me no matter how much of a mistake you did and how much tears I cried. I ignored what people said about you and believed in you. You were my idol someone I looked up to someone who made me feel butterflies and happiness with just a touch. I believed you when you said you were jealous I believed you when you said you were mine. I loved how motivated you were how nice and mature and calm you were.

Our conversations made me happy and when I wanted to tell someone about something you were the first person that would come onto my mind. I loved bragging to you, telling you how my day was, listen to your opinions and have you cheer me up on sad and lonely days. I loved our ridicoulously long chats, akwurd silences, and car conversations. I spent a week working on your birthday gift and a month counting down Christmas. I held your hand and fed you when you were sick, smiled at you when you werent looking, ignored all the guys rich or handsome that approached me, and spent two New Years lying in your arms.

Darling I loved you more than any girl could love you. I gave you my first kiss even though you had millions I gave you my first everything. But you let me down. I gave my firsts to someone who considered me last. To someone who lied to me betrayed me and made me feel special while playing with other girls and keeping me on standby. To someone who threw away my special - strong - amazing feelings on the side. Its really amazing how when you love someone you just find the good things about them, you search for hope even though there isn't, you search for good even though everything is bad. I guess I wasn't enough for him but i wish I didn't waste two years putting all of my feelings to someone who never loved me at all. I wish I didn't lose my lover and bestfriend. And I know next new years he will be lying down with a new poor girl in his hands.

She loved him more than any girl could love him but he threw her away.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Then this'll lead to a damaged girl that'll have a chance to fuck up the next relationship she's in


What Girls Said 1

  • I'm sorry to hear about your break up and you being cheated on. You aren't alone I promise my ex cheated on me except for I found the evidence online. My ex was my first love so yeah its kind of difficult sometimes but I have healed from it. I know how I feel I felt the same and still do to this day even though I've moved on. My ex betrayed me, took me for granted, led me on, used me, played me, etc.

    • Thank you for sharing your opinion and experience but in the end trust me its their loss and not ours 😘

    • Yes you are right. Sometimes I feel like its my fault, but its his loss not mine.

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