Why does seeing a picture of my ex make my stomach turn?

When I see a picture of my ex my stomach turns and I sometimes have to go to the bathroom. It's like a nervous feeling. Why? I was never able to trust him and sometimes I got that nervous feeling from him when we were dating too.
He wasn't respectful towards me and he lied a lot and placed sexual pressure on me. I think he has narcissistic personality disorder and he was a bit older than me. I got very attached to him so it was hard to leave but I blocked him on my phone.
We don't talk and I feel calmer without him because I just didn't trust him and when I was with him I felt attached but sick at the same time. We did have some good times and it was an awful mindfuck of a situation. I've been to therapy about it.


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  • It seems you are frightened of him. Maybe you don't like the person he makes you become. Maybe you have some guilt for dumping him, or for the way you treated him. You need to deal with remaining issues, or put more distance between you, because he will continue to haunt you.


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  • This gut wrenching guy is Still a big part of your past, and haunts you with the 'mindfuck situation' you went through with him. It has even caused you to seek help.
    He took over your life even after the train wreck. You can't move on, live a normal life, and even the site of his picture causes your stomach to churn and burn.
    Until you are through this bad nitemare, and have found a way to finally cut the cancer out of your life, just the mere thoughts of him will continuously make you a Nervous Nellie. You need to take control of your life, and Stop being 'attached' to what was at the very end. He's gone, it's Over, and thank God you 'don't talk.'
    Being you were Strong enough to 'block him on your phone,' someday I believe you will be even stronger to block him from your mind, so you can learn who you Are once more, and find the closure that you need to close that chapter of your life forever.
    Good luck.xx


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  • I feel the same way. My ex broke my heart and part of myself will always want her back. I know if I see a picture It will hurt very much.

    I go numb as if and it's almost like my heart stops. Almost like I have to give a speech in front of a large crowd.


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  • Because you're not fully over him... You still have feelings for him.

    • It may be the same feeling but your stomach is/was sending you 2 different messages.

      At first you didn't trust him or had a feeling he wasn't faithful or lying to you.

      Now it's thr fact when you see him or think about him brings up old memories/feelings.

  • It sounds like you loathe him to me, that just the site of his picture makes you physical ill

  • why? what did he do to you when you were dating?


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