Should I go to surprise my ex who lives in another country? i wanna go there and see him and prove to him I'm very serious with my feelings for him.

Ok, so I made a fake KIK account in order to talk to my ex... i pretended i was another girl to find out how he's doing. The good thing is, he is okay and he is perfectly fine. As a fake me, I asked him if we could be friends. he said yes, but only as a friend and not more than that because he is not interested in a relationship more than that. he also told me that he used to have a girlfriend and they broke up just recently and he said that he still has feelings for her but he'd rather not talk about it. to be honest I am very relieved because he is not flirting with other girls and he still loves me. But is this a good thing? i know he loves me but I am not sure if he wants to get back together with me. He lives in another country, should I go there and see him? Maybe surprise him? i really want to, and my heart tells me to go for it.


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  • An Ex is called an ex for a reason.
    You both were set free the day you broke up so it's not your business now what he's doing with his personal life and so not is his too.
    Sorry for being blunt but that;s how relationships works.
    Instead you can use that time to improve yourself and get a new guy.
    Hope you get my point :)

    • well he is my ex because our relationship was really complicated but we love each other. And when he broke up with me i promised to myself that I will fight for him and will do everything i can to get him back in my life. I dont want a new guy and I don't need a new guy. he is the one that I love, and he loves me too so I'll fight for that love/

    • Sure whichever floats your boat.
      Good luck :)

    • thanks very much :)

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  • i think what ur doing is kinda desperate. just move on with ur life rather than revisiting the past again

    • desperate or not, I don't care. lol. He loves me and I love him, I don't want to live my live with regret... so i'll do what I can now to be with him

    • ok go for it. just saying.

    • yes I will go for it

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  • No I wouldn't. He just told you that, because he thinks your another girl, that he thinks he might have a chance to bone. Seriously I wouldn't if I were you.. He is a young guy I'm guessing? (under24)

  • You absolutely should not. You're in no position to be in a relationship with someone when you start off from a place of dishonesty.

  • " fake KIK account in order to talk to my ex"

    Yeah, bad idea. Whatever you do from there, just, bad idea

  • if you love him too, yes, else not.


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