Crushed taurus male broke up with me?

I am a Leo woman and I met my taurus man last year. We were very opposite but somehow he literally WORKED his way into my life. During our 1st month together he took a unexpected trip out of town for 4 days & did not call me ONCE! I was furious & was about to leave him. He broke down & told me the truth (after he tried countless times to lie about it). I always stressed HONESTY in my relationship. He went to Mexico with a woman that he had previously planned the trip with. I forgave him and we moved forward. We went on things were great, 5 months later I moved out one apt and couldn't move into the next apt until the following week. I needed a place to go for a week. He NEVER offered his place AT ALL. I would spend the night every night, but I wanted it be verbally agreed I could stay for the week. We were laying in bed & I asked him. He chuckled but became very uncomfortable. So the following day I told him, since I can't stay with you (assuming since he never responded to my question) then it shouldn't be an issue or question were I stay. We ended up arguing & I hung up. He sent me a text asking off his belongings. I told him I would mail them to him. I was okay with it, cause I was very upset. We didn't speak for a week and I posted a funny post about single ladies on IG. He immediately responded with "thanks for confirming that we are not together". I to him if my man leaves me stranded & we don't speak for a week you r damn right I'm single. When that method didn't work he texted me saying "my mom said thanks for the card & that you look very pretty". I kept it short and told him tell her thanks. His final strategy worked. He just pretended we never broke up which was actually funny. He apologized & told me he loved me, & would do right by me. We were good for about a week, them he became distant. So I went to talk to him today, & he told me he didn't want to b in a relationship, & he wants to be friends. I was literally torn apart, he said it's not me but him.
I began to cry and gather my belongings. He stopped me and asked "what's wrong". I was so upset and really wanted to know why even peruse me if he knew he was not ready for relationship. He was at a lost for words. I went to walk out and he asked
So we can't talk any more. I told him I prefer not to at this time cause breaking up was not what I wanted. I left & I'm so hurt. We were SO close, we knew what each other was thinking before saying it


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  • Oh dear, you really should have left after knowing he went to mexico with another woman. This man cheated on you, went to another country with someone and wanted to keep it hidden. You really need to forget about him and move on. Dont even be friends with him you deserve better


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  • Well, given how much drama your presence causes, no wonder he doesn't want to be with you any more. It's not him, it's definitely you, love.

    • We did not have any drama. I only highlighted the few issues we came across (with only 200 characters I could not type much) the first was in the beginning due to him. The second was 5 months later but was reconciled.

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  • communication... communication... communication

    And don't take little things to heart so much, you'll overthink it. Thats what has happened.

    He is probably thinking you are a little unstable and can't be direct.

  • I am A Leo Man and I always call my former Girlfriend when I left the country


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