My ex boyfriend just liked my instagram pictures during no contact?

This guy ( 24 m) and I (22 f) were together for 5 months and he broke up with me 3 weeks ago. Everything was perfect and he was the one who always talked about our future together, even marrige. We had the best chemistry and I really thought he's the one. But he just broke it off like all of a sudden saying that he's thinking of moving to another country for his job so he wants to end this relationship before it gets more serious. He cried when we broke up and so did I which was the most heartbreaking moment in my life. I started no contact rule right after we broke up to get over this and possibly get him back. But this seems like never getting better and now I want him more than before.. Even though I understood all the things he said and eventually the breakup was quite mutual, I really want him back !
And here's the thing.
1. I heard this from his friend that he got some problems moving to another country, so if he's not moving, there's no reason we have to break up
2. We haven't spoke at all after breakup but he just liked my instagram pictures. Does this mean anything?


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  • IMO... he broke up with you as a way of preventing himself from really getting hurt down the road because long distance doesn't work... now that he isn't moving away he is hoping that liking your photos will entice you into some sort of response. In other words he wants to talk to you but for some reason doesn't want to initiate. I dont completely disagree with the no contact approach because in certain situations it can and does work, but in mutual and good terms breakups I've witnesses the girl and guy both try the no contact rule and ultimately what happens? Nothing!!! Both stick to the rule and eventually move on always wondering "what if?".

    Long story short if you are still interested in him, reach out to him!!

    • In a kind of same situation, how could it be possible to make a guy initiate?

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  • It totally does, it means he is thinking of you and probably stalking your social networking. You may want to remain radio silent for a while and wait to see if he is just being nostalgic, or if his missing you will lead him to action. Keep your social networking flowing with fabulous times, but not too fabulous so he doesn't think you are absolutely forgetting him.


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  • I've had a guy do the same thing to me. And at the moment I'm trying to talk to him. I literally just added my ex on Facebook and he liked a pic and so I thought what the hell, I'll talk to him. If I was you, I'd probably do the same thing. Id contact him, try to get on a chatting basis and see what happens. Things like going to another country can always change.


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