I broke up with her but she won't take me back. She's confused and don't know what she feels. Help please. From a girls point of view I need to know?

Me and my ex broke up recently... so we broke up mainly because I ended it saying we should split. Did this times before and she came back... and I was only mad when I did say it. Since the break up she wants me as her friend. We talk and she doesn't know what she wants... and is confused. I know she doesn't mean it but she sends mixed signals. We go to the movies and to her friends house and chill. She also wears the ring I got her and never takes it off. She still has a lot of anger towards me and I want to try and help her through it. She knows and can see my change. For I was scared for long term. So I cheated and lied and lied and didn't give her clarity on certain situations. I saw the infinfidelity as temporary which seemed like the solution. Which was not at allllll. She wants to be there for me as a friend. Just don't get how I'm the one for her..2 months ago... and now she is totally confused about everything. I made this bed so I must lie in it. But she tells me right now isn't a good time for her and maybe in the future. If this is true then I want to wait. she wants to be with me on my bday which is 10 days away... she tells people and dudes trying to peruse her we are working on things.. then tells me she only wants a friendship... why is this? Is she just scared or done. Should I go nc... or wait it out. I don't want the nc to backfire.
I'm very much attached to her daughter as well. She say she doesn't wanna send mixed signals yet she told her daughter we were dating... just confusing


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  • You're a jerk and she deserves better. She would be smart to stay away from you.

    • Ooooo ok thanks sooo much... I was scared... I have overcome that. Thanks again

  • you gave her a traumatizing roller coaster ride of her life. I couldn't imagine how crappy she feels right now. She doesn't deserve that treatment, as i can see in this story. Please let her go.

    • But I was scared of long-term term... this time alone had help me overcome my FEAR. She know I can treat her like a queen. This was my first real relationship. And I didn't know all I know now.

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    • Lol not exactly. But do whatever floats your boat. be more considerate of her feelings though. You are lucky to have someone love you no matter how unreasonable and unlikeable you are right now.

    • Can you read the thread I posted today please

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