Why do dumpers treat you like crap when he/she doesn't have any reason to?

The ex of a friend of mine broke up a month ago saying she needs time to deal with stress and what not, which he agreed on.
Now a few weeks later she blocked him on EVERYTHING. I do still follow/friends with her and now i see her post stuff like *don't blame the other person for your disappointments, blame yourself for expecting to much.* Now before you say something avout the bf. I know him my whole life and i can tell you that i've never seen a more honourable and sweet person. So we all KNOW that he did everything that was needed to make her happy, but seeing this made him go nuts with insecurities.

Now i ask this of you as i wish for him to understand it better. Why does she post things like this when SHE did the dumping, SHE beeing mad at him for some reason and now this.

He doesn't deserve this treatment, he is really one of those good guys.
They had it going for 8 months


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  • She's just a really immature person. A ex who left me was the same... broke up with me for no legit reason and then friggen blocked me too :( With my last ex that I broke up with I went out of my way to be kind to him because I know what it's like to be broken up with and to then be treated unfairly. That kind of back fired cause he took my friendliness as a sign of me still wanting him and then when I eventually did tell him I really am not interested he switched up and completely deleted me from his life which is fair enough I guess considering as to how I did leave him but at the end I still think it's immature.

    This girl has no valid reason to treat him like that so I'd really just pass it off to her having lots of issues and not being mentally grown up yet enough to handle a break up with dignity and tact.


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  • I have dumped girls before and in order for me to get over them and move on, I couldn't have them in my life in any way, shape or form, so I cut them off.

    It's harsh treatment, I agree, but I can understand why someone would do it. Dumping someone isn't easy for the dumper, it's a tough decision to make especially when you care about someone but hard choices need to be made and in these situations it requires a bit of selfishness on the part of the dumper to put themselves first in order to close the chapter and open a fresh one.

    • But why dump a guy like him and treat him like crap afterwards? It hurt him about beeing blocked but he didn't let it get down to him, what he's annoyed about is the posts she's putting on Facebook

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    • You're a good friend and he needs people like you around and a month isn't a very long time for someone to get someone out of their system. Just as long as he knows he has a good level of support around him and he is getting better slowly but surely with each passing day then he'll be okay in the end.

    • True, although i do wish that she got some sense knocked into her, that smile he would always get when he mentioned her sometimes, made us mis him.

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  • That just proves that she's a bi*** who doesn't deserve a good guy that treats her well.


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