Apologize after blowing up a phone?

Well to be honest, after Christmas I had an anxiety attack ( problems from my dad passing late in the year ) And blew up the phone of the girl I had been seeing for a month. It was nothing needy/full on... but probably just craving attention. She was quiet for a week, and then gave me an incredibly polite excuse to not see each other anymore to which I just replied that's fine, if you want to say hello anytime, please feel free.. 2 months later would it be smart for me to apologize now I am aware of what my issue was at the time ( have had a lot of self help and reflection the last two months ) or just let it be and keep moving on with my life, would love a second chance, but I am not holding my breath about getting a response.. being a short term relationship, I think I scared her, and I don't want to appear even more crazy/hassle her.. thanks


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  • Did you say something offensive or? Send her a text where you apologize for your actions, keep it simple. If she doesn't reply then at least you have done what you can do and if she does reply then that's great.

    • Nothing at all offensive, I think I was just too impatient one day, and was pushing for attention

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