I am tired of waiting for my ex what do I do :( ?

It's been 6 months since I last spoke to her, I did all the contact initiation in the period before that, only to keep getting hurt by her cold heart, so now it's been 6 months since I last tried.

She always posted these sad fb love stuff and I know they were about me because they included things that are specific to me, but every time I try to contact her she breaks my heart :(

We are not friends on fb, I never added her because I know the drama fb can bring, I tried to make things happen in real life 1st, I am heart broken, I am unable to move on, I suffer from depression and loneliness, I thought she would be the one to help me through this difficult time.

What do I do people please help me :(


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  • If she's posting these things that specifically pertains to you two relationship it's clear she misses you too. Maybe she just need some time to gather her thoughts and analysis your relationship. With what you said I don't doubt that she's missing you to! :*(

    • Hey thank you, She does miss me, at least sometimes, It's been 6 months I don't know why she didn't at least say hi once, the other problem is that even if she comes back there is so much hurt on my side I am not sure if I'll be able to get past it :(

    • Fair enough, but keep in mind it's two people in a relationship, when a woman turns cold like that you need to consider what's happened not just your pain. Consider hers to, cause I know that type of behavior doesn't happen over night. Maybe she's hurt to, well that's obvious.

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  • Read this

    Basically you need to reach a point where you say enough is enough and where you make the decision to move on. It's all mental and once that decision is made then it means no contact, no stalking, no hoping on her coming back and no more obsessing over what happened.

  • You should put yourself out of your misery and move on. Clearly nothing good is happening y you waiting around and wallowing in sorrow. You guys are ex's for a reason. Get out there and meet some new people. Take a new hobby. Change your haircut. Do SOMETHING other than waiting for something that more than likely won't happen.

  • Move on. Stop waiting for something that isn't happening.


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  • You know what to do, move forward but you having trouble with that. your not in a healthy position and puppy dogging behind her isn't gonna make it better. I'm not saying this to be an asshole but have a little respect and dignity for yourself. If she keep tearing you down then move on. That ain't the way to happiness. Goodluck though

    • Thanks mate, this is why I stopped trying 6 months ago, but it's not like it made things any easier, I hope it turns out for the best somehow..

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