Is this a rebound relationship or trying to make me jealous or have I lost her for good?

Ex gf and I (dumpee) broke up last November due to me being clingy, needy, and she said we just did not mesh. I have tried and tried to get her back, but nothing seems to work. Went no contact for November and early December (more than 30 days). We have been texting consistently (almost everyday since February). The texts have not been in depth. I have called her several times, without an answer, asking her out. She does not answer, but will always send me a text asking me if I had called. We then would text for a while and then it will die off with one of us.

This is how its been up until this past weekend. She posted a pic of her and a guy on Instagram as her profile pic with his arms around her and then I went on fb and she had blocked me on there. We have not been fb or instagram friends since we broke up. I did not text or call her to ask about this. I have been playing it cool. I happen to go out on a date this past weekend and the restaurant is near her house in a shopping center where she lives and frequents often. It is where my date wanted to go thinking I have not been there before. I feel someone saw us there and told her, but I could be over thinking things as well. It all seems so planned out on her part.

Now comes today, she has unblocked me on fb and I see the same pic of her and this guy as her profile pic. She has never had the 2 of us a profile pic. She only had either her dad (who died several years ago) or herself only.

I tried to keep it brief...ask questions if you need clarification.

My questions are - Is she trying to make me jealous? Is this a rebound? Do you think she knows I went out with this girl? Or is she over me? Or do you think I have a chance in the future? Need brutal honesty, my family just wants me to move on, but I want to marry this woman!
We were together for almost 2 years.
All of this that she is doing seems rushed and that is not her.


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  • Don't ever tell a girl that you have changed. That's not what she wants. If she has ever been in a relationship with you, then she probably likes you enough already.
    The big thing that guys never get, is that all relationships have their own issues, and those issues need to be addressed in a constructive manner. "CONSTRUCTIVE!" Which unfortunately for guys, means by "talking" about the issues.
    Instead of the typical, useless, impossible to be true, meaningless, hopeless, promiseless, and futureless male lie "I have changed", (sorry for being blunt or sounding rude, but I assume this is a relationship emergency), be brave, stop denying that your relationship had problems, send her a list of the things you thought you had issues with in order of severity with a score from 1-10 next to each one. Tell her to send you a similar list of her own. Promise her that starting with the least problematic issue on your combined lists, you are willing to LISTEN to her, acknowledge her feelings, and will do so WITHOUT GETTING ANGRY. She needs to do it too. Say that by doing this you mean to talk and work out your problems together. Last of all say that you still love her and will do all that you can to bring the romance back to the relationship. Tell her you need 2 months to carry out this plan, and you will not commit to anyone else during this time, and you ask that she does the same. Say you will not have sex unless she wants to.
    Of course you can personalize this message to match your specific relationship or some fun or something fancy, create a friendly atmosphere in general if you can, but make sure you include ALL of the main points, and don't modify the main theme. Make sure you keep any promises you make. And however mean it may seem, if you are not sure you can do something, don't make a promise. Or at least tell her exactly how likely you are to be able to accomplish it.
    Good luck.
    (Any questions?)


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  • I think she has moved on

  • I think u should move on... She probably unblocked u because she felt that since u were dating someone else u won't be pursuing her anymore in romantic sense and therefore felt safe to be just a friend again.

    • She blocked me on Sunday and unblocked me today. I know I am grasping. Sunday night is when she put the picture up of her and the new guy. Friday is when I went on my date. Does that make any difference?

    • I am afraid to push her further away. She doesn't choose guys off of a whim. I feel that she is doing this to get back at me.

    • I still think u should move on especially if she is trying get back at u after dumping you, I feel that is very low of her do that. Perhaps u should date someone who is more sincere.

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  • Sorry to hear about the breakup bro. But I was amused by your term "dumpee" haha.

  • I agree with your family: move on.


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