Did he break up with me to test if I really cared?

He broke up with me but i dont think he really wanted to break up. I think he was seeing if i really care, because im a really chill person and never really show emotion or am rarely ever really clingy and he's always had clingy girl friends so i think he took that as me not caring. And he broke up with right after our one month and we hadn't done anything, and i know he really likes me. And since weve broken up he's always been near me and just overly obnoxously, i think he's trying get my attention, but why? He broke up with me. I also think he's afraid im going to date someone else but why does he care if he broke up with me?


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  • Possibly. That or he broke up because the relationship caused him too much stress.


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  • It's only been a month and he's already playing mind games. Don't pay him any mind. You shouldn't have to change while you're in a relationship

    • Well wed only been dating for a month straight, weve dated off and on for 6 months

    • Im kinda in the same situation. However I think if it's over then it will much easier to heal the faster you accept it. However, you believe he is trying piss you off then ignore him. The longer your situation lasts the harder it will be for you to move on. You may end up with trust issues. Just be careful. Men can be total assholes when it comes to emotions.

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  • Guys don't test like that..

    • Then whats he doing?

    • Guys are blunt, sounds like his ego is huge, his hanging around trying to over-compensate and bluff you that he is not bothered by your presence ( which is a lie ) If you date anyone else he will make his move, but it's just his ego..
      He sounds immature, your better without him in honesty

    • Feel free to pm me

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  • So you think it was a test

    • Yea kinda i mean why else does he care so much what im doing

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